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SAC-10/P 10 m semi-anechoic chamber - P2400 long wedge absorbing material



SAC-10/P 10 m semi-anechoic chamber - P2400 long wedge absorbing material
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    • Commodity name: SAC-10/P 10 m semi-anechoic chamber - P2400 long wedge absorbing material
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    • 品牌11: FRANKONIA
    • 行业: 军品,民用,汽车电子和整车
    • 描述:  The 10-meter anechoic chamber is designed and manufactured completely according to customer requirements.
    • 品牌: FRANKONIA

      The 10-meter anechoic chamber is designed and manufactured completely according to customer requirements. In order to let customers have a preliminary understanding of the size and performance of SAC-10, we define the following four standard chamber templates, and their quiet zone diameters range from 2.0m to 5.0m. The planning of the anechoic chamber must be carried out as early as possible, for example, at the same time as the external building of the anechoic chamber, so that the interface between them can be determined in time, so as to avoid later modification. Typical interfaces include the following: various supply paths, space reserved for the turntable/hub on the concrete floor, movement tunnels for sliding doors, and possible joints between the shielded room and the building. Furthermore, possible interfaces and emergency control/alarm systems, such as fire alarm and fire suppression systems, must also be taken into account. But when using our completely non-combustible wedge absorbers (using thin-film technology, fire class A2), it is usually possible to forget about installing these systems.

  • main feature:

      The economical and high-performance solution fully meets the test distance of 10m, and the quiet zone QZ can be Ø3m to Ø6m

      Fully meet CISPR 16-1-4 EMI and ANSI C63.4 (ETSI upgrade version) standards

      Fully complies with IEC/EN 61000-4-3 EMS standard

      The absorbing material laid on the ground can be stored in a chamber for easy use

      More than 90% of the chamber's own products, global factories adopt unified process and quality control

      The chamber project is fully controlled in Germany, with rigorous craftsmanship and construction specifications

      The consistency of the absorbing material is excellent, and the simulation results have real guiding significance for the design

      Prefabricated modular ferrite mounting technology saves installation time and provides consistent workmanship

      Unique nano-material absorbing material, replacing traditional carbon powder technology

      The absorbing material has excellent performance and good stability, and there is no problem of aging and sagging. If the performance drops within 10 years, the absorbing material will be replaced free of charge.

      The absorbing material is completely non-combustible, the only one in the world that meets the requirements of DIN4102 A2 fire protection level, and avoids the occurrence of fire incidents in chambers

      The chamber meets the cleanliness requirements, ISO 14644-1 class 5, and the materials are non-toxic

      The absorbing material is moisture-proof, and there is no requirement for the humidity of the use environment, and it can be directly maintained with a vacuum cleaner

      The absorbing materials can be replaced with each other, and the maintenance cost is extremely low

      The newly designed three-knife and three-reed screen door has better performance and convenient maintenance

      turnkey solution

  • Specific indicators:




    Dimensions mm (length x width x height)

    21,680 x 13,730 x 8,550

    21,680 x 13,730 x 8,550

    Frequency Range

    9KHz/26MHz-18GHz (40GH optional)

    Test distance


    Quiet zone QZ (3m distance)



    Quiet zone QZ (5m distance)



    Quiet zone QZ (10m distance)



    Absorbing material laying

    Walls and Ceilings

    P2200 and P2400 long wedge absorbing materials


    Equipped with movable absorbing materials that meet the requirements of IEC/EN 61000-4-3 radiated immunity test and the voltage standing wave ratio of the radiated emission test site greater than 1GHz

    Radiated emission test

    Fully compliant with CISPR 16-2-3 and CISPR 22 requirements

    Radiated immunity test

    Fully compliant with IEC/EN 61000-4-3 standard

    NSA Maximum Deviation





    1.5mx1.5m (75% of the 16 measurement points meet 0dB/+6dB, 26/80MHz-18GHz)

    Standard configuration

    One access door, 1,238mm x 2,118mm

    a sliding door

    Twelve to sixteen honeycomb waveguide windows for ventilation

    A 250V, 2x16A AC power filter

    A 440V, 50/60Hz, 4 x 64A AC mains filter

    two wall panels

    Feedthrough components: N-type connector, BNC connector, fiber optic interface

    Distribution installation

    lighting device

    reflective ground

    Elevated floor

    Absorbing material laying

    1 turntable (load-bearing up to 8 tons, special turntable can be customized)

    1 antenna tower

    1 antenna tower and turntable controller


    Three-phase power filter

    Signal Line/Data Line Filter

    Air Conditioning System

    Antenna bracket

    Audio and video surveillance system

    Other accessories and equipment

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