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Shielding body and steel structure



Shielding body and steel structure
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    • Commodity name: Shielding body and steel structure
    • Commodity ID: 1064703413263683584
    • 品牌11: FRANKONIA
    • 描述: The modularly manufactured high-performance RF shield is made of 2.0mm thick galvanized steel sheet.
    • 品牌: FRANKONIA


      The radio frequency shield is the basic system of Frankonia, which follows the principle of Faraday cage. The high-performance RF shield made of modular manufacturing is made of galvanized steel plate with a thickness of 2.0mm. Frankonia's shielding body is used in various darkrooms and shielding rooms, such as control rooms, power amplifier rooms or any other rooms that require shielding standards.

      Standardized production helps to ensure high-quality shielding performance and to ensure that various special requirements can be adapted. The design of the entire shielding body can meet the later adjustment of length, width, height and other dimensions. Due to the introduction of the modular design concept, later size adjustments, etc. can be carried out very quickly and economically, minimizing dust and noise. The darkroom provided by Frankonia can be easily upgraded or relocated later, so it is a solution that can meet future needs.

      Frankonia's shielding can be fixed from the inside, which makes it possible to place the shielding as close as possible to the parent building. In special cases, the shield can also be fixed in reverse from the outside. All corners are welded before leaving the factory to ensure a perfect connection with the surrounding panels. Frankonia's shielding body is a completely self-supporting structure. The standard size 3.0x1.2m module is fixed by bolts every 75mm. A highly conductive wire mesh gasket is used between the two shielding plates to ensure long-term and efficient shielding quality. As with this system, all Frankonia components, such as ventilation waveguide windows, screen doors and gates, feedthroughs and filters, provide the same level of quality.

      The standard shielding body is made of steel, providing a minimum thickness of 20pm galvanized layer, meeting the DINEN10346:2009-07 standard, quality index DX52D+Z. The error complies with the standard limit of DIN/EN 10143, the minimum is 275g/㎡.

      steel structure

      For mechanical stability purposes, larger chambers require the use of additional steel structures to meet the stability of the shield, taking into account the variable mechanical design of different chamber sizes and configurations, and adapting to any specific building features and air conditioning system layout. Frankonia's steel structure is a completely self-sufficient system that does not need to be connected to the parent building. In addition, in order to prevent corrosion, the steel structure defaults to RAL3020 color paint, which guarantees 10 years of anti-corrosion. In addition, Frankonia's steel structure takes into account the seismic condition requirements of the specific area and the low point loads on the building's concrete slab.

    side support

    top support

    edge support

  • main feature:


      Modular and prefabricated assembled shield modules

      2mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel sheet

      Removable, no glued or welded parts

      Self-supporting structure to meet industry design standards

      Excellent and consistent shielding attenuation performance for shielded modules, shielded personnel doors, shielded gates and all accessories

      steel structure

      The steel structure design meets the seismic strength requirements of specific areas and specific mechanical requirements

      Completely self-contained, no external support required

  • Technical Parameters:

    Shielding performance meets the requirements of EN50147-1 standard (guaranteed to meet)


    ≥80 dB

    magnetic field



    magnetic field

    1 MHz

    ≥100 dB

    magnetic field

    100 MHz


    plane wave

    400 MHz

    ≥110 dB

    plane wave

    1 GHz

    ≥110 dB

    plane wave

    18 GHz

    ≥90 dB


    40 GHz

    ≥90 dB


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