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Lifting platforms and ramps



Lifting platforms and ramps
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    • Commodity name: Lifting platforms and ramps
    • Commodity ID: 1064704765192720384
    • 品牌11: FRANKONIA
    • 描述: All shielded personnel doors and gates can be equipped with ramps and lifting platforms, which can be manually or automatically moved.
    • 品牌: FRANKONIA

      All shielded personnel doors and gates can be equipped with slopes and lifting platforms, and the slopes and platforms can be moved manually or automatically. The introduction of the lifting platform is to consider that the darkroom is installed in the pit, and the lifting platform can provide the same height inside and outside the darkroom. Lifting slopes are used to install the darkroom directly on the level ground or partly in the pit. The slope can make it easier to enter and exit the darkroom, and the sliding platform solution completes Frankonia’s solution for various types of EUTs to enter and exit the darkroom. As an expert in customized needs, there are no load-bearing and size limitations.

      Lifting platform: the lighter EUT is up to 5t; the indoor and outdoor level is the same; the heavy EUT is up to 60t; the indoor and outdoor level is the same.

      Sliding platform: The sliding platform is used for heavy-duty EUT. The platform slides together with the sliding door, and the indoor and outdoor are at the same level.

      Lifting ramp:

      Small EUT up to 800kg;

      Lighter EUT up to 5t;

      Medium-sized EUT up to 20t;

      Heavy EUT up to 60t.

      Movable slope: the maximum load-bearing capacity of wooden slopes is 200kg; the maximum load-bearing capacity of aluminum slopes is 500kg.

  • main feature:

      Perfect match for Frankonia's screened personnel doors and gates

      The material is hot-dip galvanized and painted in RAL 3030

      Anti-slip coating (optional)

      easy maintenance

      Designed to meet 20,000 times of trouble-free use

  • Technical Parameters:


    the slope

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