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    • Commodity name: Ventilation
    • Commodity ID: 1064707420929544192
    • 品牌11: FRANKONIA
    • 描述: The ventilation opening of the screen realizes the function of the waveguide window in the frequency band of 10kHz to 18/40GHz through the honeycomb shape.
    • 品牌: FRANKONIA

      The air vents hidden in the screen realize the function of the waveguide window in the 10kHz to 18/40GHz frequency band through the honeycomb shape. The waveguide window can be placed at any position of the shield to realize the docking with other equipment, for example, for air pressure balance, exhaust gas recycling loop, or for plumbing connections.

      The waveguide window designed by Frankonia is convenient for on-site installation and connection with air conditioning ducts. Within the scope of Frankonia's turnkey solution, a complete air conditioning system can be provided for all chamber sizes and applications. In addition, gas discharge and protection systems as well as fire suppression systems are available.

  • main feature:

      Honeycomb panel design

      Standard size 400 x 400 mm or 300 x 300 mm.

      Raised edge design

      Can be connected directly to a fan or air conditioning system

  • Technical Parameters:

      Frequency range 10kHz - 18GHz or 10kHz - 40GHz

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