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Electrically driven automotive Chambe-EDTC



Electrically driven automotive Chambe-EDTC
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    • Commodity name: Electrically driven automotive Chambe-EDTC
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    • 品牌11: FRANKONIA
    • 描述: EDTC is an anechoic chamber Frankonia for EMC component and system testing of various types of hybrid, electric, fuel cell and battery driven systems.
    • 品牌: FRANKONIA

      "Power system" generally refers to the main components that generate and transmit energy to roads, waterways and airways. EDTC is Frankonia's anechoic chamber for EMC component and system testing of various hybrid, electric, fuel cell and battery drive systems.

      Relying on the innovative design concept and the optimized layout based on ACTC (Automotive Components Test Chamber), EDTC can provide an excellent test environment for radiation testing in accordance with CISPR25 and DIN/ISO 11452-2 standards, while significantly improving reflection. Ferrite absorbing material is laid in the anechoic chamber, and Frankosorb® composite absorbing material is partially laid to provide excellent performance covering the frequency band from 150KHz to 18GHz (optional 40GHz).

      In order to keep pace with the development of automotive industry test systems that keep pace with the times, Frankonia and its partner D2T provide a variety of test solutions for powertrain components and systems, which can fully meet the requirements of the EMC test environment. Professionally covers everything from conventional powertrain engineering to hybrid and electric powertrain engineering, test bench solutions and advanced tools. The core is a highly integrated and customized software solution to meet various testing requirements for EMC characteristics now and in the future.

      EDTC includes complete component and system testing ranging from 250kW to 1000kW at speeds up to 8,500RPM. The test bench powertrain uses, for example, a battery simulator with a maximum voltage of 1,000 VDC and a maximum current of 500 A. The air conditioning units of the system components provide gas or liquid cooling and simulate an adjustable temperature range from -20 °C to +100 °C. In addition, constant liquid cooling of the motor under test is provided and the same adjustable temperature range is simulated.

      The biggest advantage of Frankonia and D2T's E-DRIVE test chamber solution is that the conventional DC-bus between the hub drive and battery simulation can significantly reduce costs and conversion losses, ensure repeatable test conditions, and improve performance and safety. level.

      EDTC is available as a complete turnkey system or as an upgrade to an established Frankonia chamber. Moreover, EDTC can also serve for non-EMC testing. Therefore, the EDTC solution is the best choice for testing all powertrain components and systems in an EMC environment, even in a non-EMC environment.

  • main feature:

      More than 90% of the darkroom's own products, global factories adopt unified process and quality control

      Manufacturers who can truly lead the development of darkroom technology continue to introduce new products

      The darkroom project is fully controlled in Germany, with rigorous craftsmanship and construction specifications

      The consistency of the absorbing material is excellent, and the simulation results have real guiding significance for the design

      Prefabricated modular ferrite mounting technology saves installation time and provides consistent workmanship

      Unique nano-material absorbing material, replacing traditional carbon powder technology

      The absorbing material has excellent performance and good stability, and there is no problem of aging and sagging. If the performance drops within 10 years, the absorbing material will be replaced free of charge.

      The absorbing material is completely non-combustible, and it is the only absorbing material in the world that meets the requirements of DIN4102 A2 fire protection class, avoiding fire incidents in darkrooms that may be caused by heat generation

      The darkroom meets the cleanliness requirements, ISO 14644-1 class 5, and the materials are non-toxic

      The absorbing material is moisture-proof, and there is no requirement for the humidity of the use environment, and it can be directly maintained with a vacuum cleaner

      The absorbing materials can be replaced with each other, and the maintenance cost is extremely low

      The newly designed three-knife and three-reed screen door has better performance and convenient maintenance

  • Technical Parameters:

    Dimensions (length X width X height)

    7.880m x 5.330mm x 4.050m

    Frequency Range

    150kHz ~ 18GHz ( optional up to 40GHz)

    Test distance



    Modular shielding; ≥100dB(1MHz-18GHz), including power line and data line filter, cooling scheme (air-cooled or water-cooled)


    Fixed base (floating plate) without vibration and interaction

    Absorbing material laying

    Walls and Ceilings

    Ferrite absorbing material and H600 absorbing material


    High Conductivity Protective Floor

    EUT test table

    Fully compliant with CISPR 25, including drive unit bench and fixture, removable absorber is optional

    EMC standard

    EMI test

    Fully Compliant with CISPR 25 Ed.4

    ( The performance of the absorbing material is at least ≥6dB)

    EMS test

    Fully compatible with DIN/ISO 11452-2

    ( Minimum attenuation in the test area ≥ 10dB)

    EDTC – Test system for hybrid components and systems

    technical indicators

    version model




    power range

    250 kW

    500 kW

    800 kW


    550 Nm

    1100 Nm

    550 Nm

    Rotating speed

    Up to 8,500 RPM

    Up to 3,500 RPM

    energy system

    Up to DC 1000V and 500A, DC bus with hub drive

    air conditioning unit

    Liquid or air cooling to simulate EUT temperatures from -20 °C to +100 °C

    test solution

    Hybrid component and system testing applications with hybrid, electric, fuel cell, and battery drive systems

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