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Current injection probe F-120-6A-3



Current injection probe F-120-6A-3
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    • Commodity name: Current injection probe F-120-6A-3
    • Commodity ID: 1064651613416345600
    • 品牌11: FCC
    • 描述: F-120-6A-3 is the 1 broadband, high-efficiency injection probe, in the 10kHz - 400MHz frequency band can be coupled to the measured signal or power supply circuit.
    • 品牌: FCC

      F-120-6A-3 is a broadband, high-efficiency injection probe that can couple large RF currents to the signal or power circuit under test in the 10kHz – 400MHz frequency band.

  • Specifications:

      Frequency range: 10kHz – 400MHz

      Inner diameter: 32mm

      Outer diameter: 94mm

      Thickness: 64mm

      Rated input power: 100W (30 minutes), 150W (15 minutes), 200W (5 minutes)

    Supporting options:

      FCC-BCICF-1: Calibration Fixture, Bandwidth 10kHz – 400MHz

      F-51A: Current probe, bandwidth 10kHz – 400MHz

    Typical insertion loss



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