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VSS 500N6.4 Voltage surge simulator



VSS 500N6.4 Voltage surge simulator
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    • Commodity name: VSS 500N6.4 Voltage surge simulator
    • Commodity ID: 1064639050662170624
    • 品牌11: EMTEST
    • 行业: 民用
    • 描述: The surge simulator VSS 500N6 can generate high voltage transient pulses. It meets the IEC 60255-27 standard and has a 500 ohm source impedance. It is suitable for transient overvoltage testing of protection relays.
    • 品牌: EM TEST

      The surge simulator VSS 500N6 generates high voltage transients according to IEC 60255-27 with 500 ohm source impedance for transient overvoltage testing of protective relays. Output voltage ranges up to 6.6 kV and test levels cover 1 - 5.

      The empty carrier waveform corresponds to the IEC 61180-1 standard. For such tests, the IEC 60255-27 standard requires a constant energy of 0.5 J at each test level.

  • main feature:

      Surge pulse 1.2 / 50 us test voltage up to 6.6 kV

      5 different test levels

      Source impedance 500 ohms

      Continuous energy 0.5 J per test level

      Can measure peak voltage/current

      Breakdown detection function

      safety lock

      warning light control

      Support manual operation

      USB and GPIB interface

    Standards compliant:

      ANSI/IEEE C37.90

      IN 60255-27

      IN 60255-5

      IEC 60255-27

      IEC 60255-5

      IEC 60747-5

      IEC 61180-1

      IEC 62052-11


      VSS 500N6 is designed in accordance with the IEC 60255-27 standard. It can maintain continuous pulse energy at different test levels required by the standard. It is suitable for transient overvoltage testing of protective relays. The VSS 500N6 meets the requirements of the IEC 61180-1 standard and can cover the voltage levels commonly used in relay testing. The failure detection port is used to detect the status of the device under test. The values ​​of peak voltage and peak current can be displayed in real time and uploaded to the control software for generating test reports.

      The VSS 500N6 complies with safety regulations and is equipped with warning lights and safety locks.

      Pre-programmed standard test routines maximize user-friendliness. VSS 500N6 has a quick-start test program with online adjustable parameters to evaluate the sensitivity level of the device under test.

      Through the front panel menu and function keys, users can quickly and accurately edit the test program. The control cursor is used to quickly control all test parameters of the programmed test program, which makes the test process very simple and ensures that each test step can be carried out correctly.

    controlling software:

      Control and report generation software iso.control

      iec.control is a very user-friendly control software. It is easy to use, has a clear user interface structure and strong flexibility. Various operating functions and EM TEST standard information library allow users to easily complete custom test procedures. It can automatically identify the connected EM TEST test equipment and perform automatic configuration. Its powerful reporting function can help users generate test reports that meet international requirements.

      iec.control supports Windows 7, Windows 8 (64Bit) and Windows 10 operating systems. Remote control is done via USB or GPIB interface. iec.control is compatible with various GPIB cards of National Instruments.

  • Specific indicators:

    Model overview

    VSS 500N6.4

    0.55kV, 1.0kV, 3.0kV, 5.0kV, 6.6kV

    Voltage Surge Simulator, Pulse 1.2/50 US

    open circuit voltage

    250 V - 6,600 V ± 10%

    Front time

    1.2 us ± 30%

    Pulse half peak time

    50 us ± 20%

    source impedance

    500 ohm


    0.5 J ± 0.05 J per test level

    pulse forming

    Conforms to IEC 60255-27 standard


    positive, negative, alternating


    1 - 30,000 or unlimited


    trigger method

    Automatic, manual, external trigger

    CRO trigger

    Oscilloscope 5 V trigger signal


    0° - 360°, resolution 1°

    repetition rate

    6 s - 999 s, depending on voltage 

    test level

    VSS 500N6.4

    0.55kV, 1.0kV, 3.0kV, 5.0kV, 6.6kV


    direct output

    Connection to external test chambers or devices via high voltage connector, Zi = 500 ohm


    peak voltage

    6,000 V, LCD display

    peak current

    13 Amps, LCD display

    test program

    Quick Start

    Instant start, simple and fast

    user testing program

    Change polarity after N pulses
    Change voltage after N pulses
    Change phase angle after N pulses

    Standard Test Procedure

    IEC 60255-27, test level 1
    IEC 60255-27, test level 2
    IEC 60255-27, test level 3
    IEC 60255-27, test level 4
    IEC 60255-27, test level 5


    service, setup, self-test


    serial interface


    parallel interface

    IEEE 488, addresses 1 - 30


    safety circuit

    Control input (24 V DC)

    Warning Light

    floating output contact

    general data

    size and weight

    19" / 3 HU, about 18 kg

    supply voltage

    115 / 230 V +10 / -15%


    2 x T 2 AT(230 V)或 2 X T 4 AT(115 V)



    10 °C to 35 °C  

    Relative humidity

    30 % to 75 %, non-condensing

    atmospheric pressure

    86 kPa  - 106 kPa


    High voltage contactor

    A pair of gun-type high voltage contactors for safely applying high voltage pulses to the EUT.


    Remote control and report generation software including standard test procedures and reporting capabilities.

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