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MPG 200S20 Automotive Micropulse Generator



MPG 200S20 Automotive Micropulse Generator
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    • Commodity name: MPG 200S20 Automotive Micropulse Generator
    • Commodity ID: 1064627752452902912
    • 品牌11: EMTEST
    • 行业: 汽车电子和整车
    • 描述: When the inductive load is disconnected from the DC source, a micropulse occurs in the battery-powered system.
    • 品牌: EM TEST

      Micropulses occur in battery powered systems when the inductive load is disconnected from the DC source. These pulses are of moderate energy with rise times in the low microsecond range, ranging between tens or hundreds/thousands of microseconds. Positive and negative polarity depends on whether the inductive load is passive (such as a heater) or active (such as a DC motor).

      The MPG 200S20 has a built-in battery switch to interrupt the DC supply voltage as required by the standard. It is capable of generating pulses 1b, 6 meeting the requirements of the Gost 28751-90 standard, and pulses 6 meeting the requirements of the ISO 7637-1:1990 standard.

  • main feature:

      Discrete Test Equipment

      Test voltage 1,100V

      Including 30, 50, 100, 150, 200ohm five different source impedance values

      Built-in electronic battery switch

      Built-in 60V/25A DC coupling/decoupling network

      Front panel operation

      standard test path

      RS 232 and GPIB interface

    Standards compliant:

      GUEST 28751-90

      ISO 7637-1:1990


      MPG 200S20 - Standalone Micropulse Generator with Built-in Battery Switch

      MPG 200S20 can independently complete the fully compatible micro-pulse test of automotive electronics. The built-in electronic battery switch enables interruption of the DC supply voltage as required by the standard. The MPG 200S20 including a 60V/25A DC coupling/decoupling network is both a stand-alone test device and well integrated into a complete test system.

      The MPG 200S20 can be operated manually or controlled by software. Through the failure detection function, users can control the ongoing test sequence according to the status of the device under test. In terms of safety features, the MPG 200S20 is equipped with warning lights and safety inner locks. Pre-programmed standard test procedures bring high convenience to user testing. In addition, MPG 200S20 also provides a quick start test program, users can change parameters online in real time, so as to evaluate the sensitivity level of the device under test.


      Through the front panel menu and function keys, users can quickly and accurately edit the test program. The control cursor is used to quickly control all test parameters of the programmed test program, which makes the test process very simple and ensures that each test step can be carried out correctly.

    controlling software:

      Control and report generation software iso.control

      iso.control is a very user-friendly control software. It is easy to use, has a clear user interface structure and strong flexibility. Various operating functions and EM TEST standard information library allow users to easily complete custom test procedures. It can automatically identify the connected EM TEST test equipment and perform automatic configuration.

      iso.control complies with international/national standards and the requirements of most car manufacturers' standards, and the relevant information is always updated according to the changing situation of the standards. Its powerful reporting function can help users generate test reports that meet international requirements.

      iso.control supports Windows 95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Remote control is done via USB or GPIB interface. iso.control is compatible with various types of GPIB cards from National Instruments.


      CA ISO - Load Resistor for Pulse Calibration

      CA ISO is a set of high precision load resistors calibrated for micropulse and load dump pulses in accordance with ISO 7637-2:2004 Annex D and various automotive manufacturers' standards.

  • Specific indicators:

    Pulse parameters

    open circuit voltage

    50 V - 1,100 V ± 10%

    Internal resistance

    Optional 30ohm, 50ohm, 100ohm, 150ohm, 200ohm
    or other internal resistance values ​​through external pluggable modules



    GOST PULSE 1B (24V)

    open circuit voltage

    50 V - 1,100 V

    Rise Time

    9us +0%/- 50% (10 - 90%)

    Pulse duration

    1ms ± 10% (10% - 10%)

    Internal resistance

    50 ohm ± 10%

    ISO PULSE 6 (12V/24V)

    open circuit voltage

    25 V - 400 V

    Rise Time

    60us +0%/- 50% (10 - 90%)

    Pulse duration

    300ms ± 10% (10% - 10%)

    Internal resistance

    30 ohm ± 10%

    trigger circuit

    trigger method

    Automatic, manual, external trigger

    repetition rate

    0.2s - 99.0s

    power switch

    Optional closing time


    DUT power +/-

    Safety Lab Connector,Max. 60V/25A



    to battery positive


    Power switch via diode and battery

    test program

    Quick start test program

    Instant start, simple and fast

    user testing program

    Change voltage after N pulses

    service program

    Service, Setup, Self-Test

    general data

    size and weight

    19" / 6HU, about 20kg

    supply voltage

    115 / 230 V +10 / -15%


    2 x T 1 AT


    serial interface

    RS 232, baud rate 1,200 - 19,200

    parallel interface

    IEEE 488, addresses 1 - 30

    Coupled network interface

    For controlling external coupling networks



    10 °C to 35 °C  

    Relative humidity

    30 % to 75 %, non-condensing

    atmospheric pressure

    86 kPa  - 106 kPa


    CA ISO

    Load Resistors for Micropulse and Load Dump Pulse Calibration


    Test control software, built-in standard library, with test report generation and data conversion functions

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