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CTR2/CTR2-AD Static Discharge calibration target and adapter



CTR2/CTR2-AD Static Discharge calibration target and adapter
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    • Commodity name: CTR2/CTR2-AD Static Discharge calibration target and adapter
    • Commodity ID: 1064626512956379136
    • 品牌11: EMTEST
    • 行业: 民用
    • 描述: The CTR 2 coaxial current target is used in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2 ed. 2 standard requirements for monitoring electrostatic discharge.
    • 品牌: EM TEST

      The CTR 2 coaxial current target is used for monitoring electrostatic discharge according to the requirements of the IEC 61000-4-2 ed.2 standard. As an option for the EM TEST electrostatic discharge simulator dito or ESD 30N, the CTR 2 can be used for measurements up to 30kV. EM TEST also provides additionally configured attenuators to match the output signal to the input of the oscilloscope.

  • main feature:

      Current targets according to EN/IEC 61000-4-2

      2Ohm impedance +/- 5%

      Test voltage up to 30kV

      +/-0.5dB insertion loss up to 1GHz

      +/-1.2dB Insertion Loss up to 4GHz

      Including 20dB attenuator and 1m cable RG400

      Option - Additional configured attenuators

      Option - 50ohm Conical Adapter Cable CTR 2-AD

    Standards compliant:

      EN 61000-4-2

      IEC 61000-4-2

      ISO 10605


      Calibration Setup for CTR 2 Electrostatic Target

      The current target CTR 2 has been verified to meet the standard requirements with an insertion loss of +/-0.5dB up to 1GHz and +/-1.2dB up to 4GHz. In addition to current monitoring, the CTR 2 has a Huber+Suhner 2W/20dB attenuator, a 1m long Huber+Suhner coaxial cable with RG400 connectors.

      The "TAC" link consisting of the target, attenuator A and cable C is calibrated in this setup. Attenuators B and C are optional.




    Insertion loss

      S21 Measuring CTR 2 electrostatic target

      This graph shows the insertion loss characteristics for a typical "TAC" chain setup.




    CTR 2-AD 50 ohm cone adapter cord:

      50 ohm adapter cable for calibrating CTR 2 electrostatic targets

      The 50ohm tapered adapter cord connects the 50Ohm cable to the input of the CTR 2 electrostatic target. The diameter of one end of the adapter cord is equal to that of a 50Ohm coaxial cable and expands geometrically to the diameter of an electrostatic target.

      If the impedance of the electrostatic target calculated from the diameter ratio d/D (refer to IEC/EN 61000-4-2 standard figure 2) is not equal to 50Ohm, then correspondingly, the outer diameter of the inner conductor of the electrostatic target adapter line should be equal to the current The diameter of the electrode built into the target.

      The calculation of impedance takes into account the permittivity (dielectric constant) of the filler material (usually air) of the tapered adapter wire. The adapter wire for the electrostatic target should have an impedance of 50ohm +/- 2% from DC to 4GHz. The reflection coefficient of two face-to-face electrostatic target adapter lines should be better than 30dB when the frequency reaches 1GHz, and should be better than 20dB when the frequency reaches 4GHz; and, under the same configuration, the insertion loss should be less than 0.3dB.




    Electrostatic discharge waveform verification:

      EM TEST recommends the following equipment in compliance with the requirements of the EN/IEC 61000-4-2 standard:

      - Oscilloscope with at least 2GHz bandwidth

      - Faraday cage

      - EM TEST CTR 2 electrostatic target

      Correct waveforms can only be captured with correct oscilloscope settings. Proper setup requires measuring pulses at +/-2kV, +/-4kV, +/-6kV and +/-8kV respectively, the following four parameters are measured at each voltage level:

      - initial peak current

      - Rise time from 10% to 90% of initial peak current value

      - Current value at 30ns

      - Current value at 60ns

      It is recommended to set the time domain to 1ns/Div for the initial peak and rise time measurements and 10ns/Div for the current measurements at 30ns and 60ns.




    Measurement setup:

      Pulse verification setup using a shielded room

      This diagram shows the correct arrangement of the measuring equipment, the CTR 2 electrostatic target and the ESD simulator to be verified. As you can see from the picture, the ground return cable needs to be pulled back from the midpoint to form a loop. this point is very important. Since ground loop cables have the potential to significantly affect ESD pulses, especially when tested at the 30ns and 60ns points, if this is neglected the pulse characteristics will be affected by the range of oscillations.




    How to calculate the ratio:

      Relationship between peak current and measured peak voltage




      Substituting impedance and attenuation into the following equations yields the correct ratio:

      Ip = 5 x Vm


      Vm is the voltage signal measured by the oscilloscope

      V1 is the voltage measured through the CTR 2 electrostatic target

      Ip is the discharge current


      V1 = 20dB x Vm = 2ohm x Ip

      Ip = 20dB x Vm/2ohm

      For example: 7.5A discharge current can cause the oscilloscope to display a voltage reading of 1.5V

  • Specific indicators:

    Technical data

    Measuring resistance

    2ohm ±5%

    design standards

    Conforms to IEC 61000-4-2 Standard Ed.2: 2008


    The electrostatic calibration target should be placed on the wall of the shielded room, or installed on a metal plate with a size not less than 1.2mx 1.2m.


    Coaxial SMA connector


    Depending on the input of the oscilloscope, connect the attenuator to the output of CTR 2.

    Insertion loss

    +/-0.5dB up to 1GHz
    +/-1.2dB up to 4GHz
    Insertion loss must be measured with the "TAC" (calibration target-attenuator-cable) link setup, not just the calibration target.

    Electrostatic discharge test voltage



    70mm (diameter) x 30mm


    about 400g


    CTR 2-AD

    50ohm adapter cable for verification of CTR 2; 50ohm ±2% up to 4GHz according to EN/IEC 61000-4-2

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