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420NJ antenna flat oscillator (0.36-2.7G)



420NJ antenna flat oscillator (0.36-2.7G)
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    • Commodity name: 420NJ antenna flat oscillator (0.36-2.7G)
    • Commodity ID: 1064710140113604608
    • 品牌11: SCHWARZBECK
    • 描述: Flat oscillator 420NJ., linearly polarized, its shape is flat, suitable for SBA9113 balanced and unbalanced transformers, and also matches SBA9113B and SBA9113 simplified versions. Efficient anti-interference test can be carried out at close range.

      Flat vibrator 420NJ., linearly polarized, flat in shape, suitable for SBA9113 balun transformer, and also compatible with SBA9113B and SBA9113 simplified version. Efficient anti-jamming tests can be carried out at close range.

      In all current anti-interference tests, the typical test distance is 1 meter to 3 meters, which requires expensive power amplifiers to achieve. Various test investigations on mobile phones and hand-held radio transmitters have shown that such devices can generate high field strengths of around 100 V/m with very little power. However, the existing anti-interference test methods are very laborious to achieve such a high field strength as described above.

      Thanks to the special shape of 420NJ, it can produce a huge bandwidth, and it is also very close to the surface of the measured object, generally 5mm. This is an economical way to generate very high field strengths, requiring only moderate power levels, say 10 to 20 watts. Due to the large bandwidth of the radiating element, fast broadband tests can be performed without antenna adjustments. Therefore, no other equipment is needed, even special frequencies in remote villages can be measured.

      This device is typically used for testing components in the automotive electronics industry, medical, scientific or aerospace fields, and for handheld radio transmitters. Usually, the surface of the measured object is divided into grids of about 10 cm. Under the required strong field, it is transmitted through the antenna to observe whether the measured object is sensitive. The distance between the typical antenna and the surface of the measured object is 5-50 mm, which is determined by the size of the respective spacers.

  • main feature:

      SBA9113 broadband low loss balun

      420NJ flat antenna vibrator

      N type connectorfemale

      Component fixation and separation distance (5mm, non-metallic)

      Symmetrical terminal M4

      22mm pipe installation and fixing

  • Technical Parameters:

    Frequency Range


    Vibrator total length


    Vibrator width


    installation fixed


    Gasket size

    5mm , 50mm

    Typical VSWR


    Balance to unbalance ratio (low loss)


    Maximum input power




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