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DDA55 click acoustic analyzer



DDA55 click acoustic analyzer
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    • Commodity name: DDA55 click acoustic analyzer
    • Commodity ID: 1064712865895305216
    • 品牌11: AFJ
    • 描述: Delicately designed and manufactured in accordance with CISPR 16 standards, in full compliance with CISPR 14-1 for non-continuous interference testing, (called "click") international standards.
    • 品牌: AFJ

      Exquisite design and manufacture comply with CISPR 16 standard, and fully comply with CISPR 14-1 international standard specification for discontinuous interference test (called "click"). Equipped with advanced EMI test software, multi-window real-time display of measurement results and time domain analysis function, built-in pulse signal generator.

      DDA55 has a built-in PC (Windows 10 OS), combined with advanced software, it can quickly and accurately perform fully automatic click analysis. DDA55 is not only a GO/NO-GO tester, but also adopts multi-channel discontinuous interference analysis mode, which can provide real-time analysis of when, where and why the click occurs. This system has great significance for solving such problems.

      DDA55 adopts four parallel independent channels of fixed frequency (150kHz, 500kHz, 1.4MHz, 30MHz) RF receivers, and each test channel can perform "peak and quasi-peak" detection capabilities in full compliance with CISPR 16-1-1 standards Requirements, the quasi-peak detector design is tested according to the CISPR 14-1 standard, and the oscilloscope (time domain measurement) function is integrated. The system also provides all, single and multiple interference pulse signal generators that meet the requirements of the CISPR16-1-1 standard. DDA55/VCCI Option_An optional 500kHz/ 550kHz fixed frequency RF receiver module can be provided according to the Japanese VCCI radiation standard.

      PC is connected with DDA55 through LAN high-speed network port to realize automatic configuration test and output test result report, advanced software control analysis, and supports WINDOWS 10 operating system. All test parameters can be set to fully comply with CISPR 14-1 or other standards. All DDA55 test information can be displayed on the PC screen in real time, and each independent test channel can correspond to an individual measurement window.

      The built-in pulse generator of DDA55 can provide four standard measurement frequencies ( 150kHz, 500 kHz, 1.4MHz, 30MHz ) and two User-defined frequency to generate single and multiple various time interference pulses to achieve the self-calibration function of the click analyzer.

  • application:

      Settings (see Figure 1)

      First test (see Figure 2)

      The second test (see Figure 3)

      Calculation (see Figure 4)

      Analysis (see Figure 5)

      Report (see Figure 6)

    figure 1

    figure 2

    image 3

    Figure 4

    Figure 5

    Figure 6

  • Technical Parameters:

    Related Product Models - AFJ LISN


    10 ◆ 16A single phase


    10 ◆ 32A three-phase

    technical specifications

    Receiver directly samples digital channels

    4 (ADC @ 122.88 MSamp/s)

    Internal receiver tuning frequency

    150kHz, 500kHz, 1.4MHz, 30MHz

    frequency error

    <10x10 -6

    impulse response

    Comply with CISPR16-1 peak and quasi-peak

    pulse signal generator

    Built-in, complies with CISPR16-1

    RF input

    N female connector, 50Ω impedance

    VSWR input

    <1.5:1 (0dB attenuation)

    <1.2:1 (≥10dB attenuation)



    built-in attenuator

    Manual adjustment 0-30dB (10 dB/step)


    Typical value 25dBuV (quasi-peak value)

    RF shielding


    measurement accuracy

    ± 0.8dB (150kHz; 500kHz; 1.4MHz; 30MHz)

    Test time limit

    120 minutes

    Dynamic Range

    Typical value 75dB

    Image isolation level

    Typical 90dB

    Display information for each channel:

    peak, quasi-peak level

    Clicks: long, short

    intermittent interference

    known test time

    Switch operations

    continuous interference time

    Time Domain

    Graphical editing of test reports

    Screenshot from last event


    Ethernet 10/100 MB

    Remotable LAN (Preset for LXI Level 0 protocol)

    power supply

    110V/230V,50/60Hz 50VA

    Operating and storage temperature

    0 ~45℃, -20~70℃

    Dimensions (H*W*D, mm) and weight


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