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HL046E antenna



HL046E antenna
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    • Commodity name: HL046E antenna
    • Commodity ID: 1064829791002841088
    • 品牌11: ROHDE&SCHWARZ
    • 描述: The HL046E antenna is a high gain logarithmic periodic antenna. Frequency: 80MHz-3GHz. Suitable for EMS measurement.

      The HL046E antenna is a high gain logarithmic periodic antenna. Frequency 80MHz-3GHz. Suitable for EMS measurements.

      The high gain logarithmic periodic antenna R&S®HL046E has excellent broadband characteristics, approximately rotationally symmetrical radiation patterns, and high gain, making it particularly suitable for electromagnetic compatibility immunity measurements. Compared to existing systems, the required field strength can be achieved at lower amplifier powers. This is because of the high antenna gain. Its small size, wide frequency range, and folding mechanism make the antenna ideal for test chambers.

      Recommended additional service: pneumatic polarization control R&S®HL046-P

  •   The antenna gain is high, i.e. low amplifier power can be matched

      There is no need to change antennas over a wide range

      Optimize uniform target radiation for radiation patterns

      Small size

      The effect of the anechoic chamber is reduced

      The antenna gain is approximately constant over the entire frequency range

      Wall mountable

  • Frequency Range

    80 MHz - 3 GHz

    antenna polarization


    input resistance

    50 Oh


       <2500 MHz


       ≥2500 MHz


    Feasibility gain

    type. >8 dBi

    Maximum input power

       80 MHz

    1400 W + 100 % AM

       500 MHz

    600 W + 100 % AM

       1000 MHz

    400 W + 100% AM

       2000 MHz

    300 W + 100% AM

       3000 MHz

    250 W + 100% AM


    N receptacle

    range of working temperature

    +5  °C to +40 °C Complies with MIL-STD-810E

    application level


    Dimensions (W × H × L)

       Tripod not included

         Collapsed state

    Approx. 0.85m × 1.50m × 1.81m

         Open state

    Approx. 1.50m × 1.50m × 1.81m

       Tripod included

         Collapsed state

    Approx. 0.86m × 1.90m × 1.89m

         Open state

    Approx. 1.50 m × 1.90 m (variable up to 2.60 m) × 1.89 m


       Tripod not included

    Approx. 17 kg

       Tripod included

    Approx. 12.5 kg

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