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SCHWARZBECK EMI measurement software



SCHWARZBECK EMI measurement software
  • Product Description
  • Main features
  • Technical parameters
    • Commodity name: SCHWARZBECK EMI measurement software
    • Commodity ID: 1064732624342896640
    • 品牌11: SCHWARZBECK
    • 描述: Convenient graphics features and data transfer to other Windows applications

    Convenient graphics functions and data transfer to other Windows applications

  • main feature:

    • Easy to learn and use
    • Fast, reliable Variscan and Autorange
    • High overload safety with mask guidance
    • User-editable limits and antenna factors for high flexibility
    • Interactive final measurement with automatic test report generation
    • Automatically create and scan frequency lists - free scalable printing
    • User definable test report creation
    • Convenient graphics functions and data transfer to other Windows applications
    • Marking with comprehensive final measurement capability
    • Subranges reduce measurement time and provide data reduction
    • Remote control including LISN or coaxial switch unit
    • Additional IEEE 488 devices can be integrated upon request
    • Field performance check or attenuation measurement of filter insertion loss >100dB
    • Simultaneous comparison of two measurement maps and up to 3 masks
    • Accelerator keys for frequently used functions to accelerate operations
    • Click measurement at 10 samples per second
    • Context Sensitive Online Help - Macros to Perform Measurements
    • Find the largest envelope from a set of measurements
  • operating environment


    hardware requirements

    IBM compatible PC with Pentium processor, VGA graphics, at least 10 megabytes free space on hard disk, CD-ROM, INES IEEE 488 32-bit interface card. PCMCIA card (INES or NI ) , also available for portable computers

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