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SW9606 Current Injection Clamp (900k-200M)



SW9606 Current Injection Clamp (900k-200M)
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    • Commodity name: SW9606 Current Injection Clamp (900k-200M)
    • Commodity ID: 1064737765544579072
    • 品牌11: SCHWARZBECK
    • 描述: 900kHz-200MHz, convert current signal to voltage signal

           SW9606 current clamp is used to inject RF current into wires or harnesses, the maximum wire diameter is 23mm. This product complies with CISPR16-1-2 or DIN EN 55016-1-2. The conversion ratio is 1:0.125 (I=0.125U), that is, the impedance of the converter is 8 ohms, and the insertion loss is 16dB in a 50 ohm system. If the BNC connector has a voltage injection of 8uV, there will be a current injection of 1uA in the wire harness, that is, there will be a voltage injection of 18dBuV in the BNC connector, and a current injection of 1dBuA in the conductor.

           This clamp can also be used at frequencies below 900kHz, in which case use it against the conversion factor graph.

           Low insertion loss, sufficient sensitivity, virtually unlimited measurements.

           The SW9606 current probe is used to measure RF current on individual wires or bundles of wires. The testing principle is called BCI. The BCI principle is a power-saving mode anti-interference test, which is applied to cable bundles or single conductors, without interrupting the normal operation of the tested object.

           This current clamp can access cables extremely fast. During BCI testing, the required disturbance level is provided by frequency. The operation of the measured object should be monitored at the same time.

           The current clamp can also be used to measure RF common mode currents (asymmetrical currents) on individual wires or bundles of wires. Based on the possibility of current saturation effect at low frequencies, it will rapidly change the low frequency to a certain high frequency.

           Only the algebraic sum of the currents considered is important, so individual conductors are more critical than complete wire bundles. To evaluate the effect of current saturation at low frequencies, it is necessary to add 1dB of insertion loss at the frequency.

  • Insertion Loss and Transfer Impedance of 50 Ohm System

  • Typical Conversion Loss (50 ohm system)


    Converter Impedance

    8 ohms

    Nominal frequency range


    Available frequency range


    Convert current to voltage relationship

    8uA=1uV;18 dBµV = 1 dBµA

    Available frequency range

    50kHz-200MHz(-1 dB) (AC current 5A, 50Hz)

    Available frequency range

    80kHz-200MHz (-1 dB) (AC current 10A, 50Hz)

    Available frequency range

    1MHz-200MHz (-1 dB) (AC current 20A, 50Hz)





    wire diameter






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