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Antenna set AK-285T 1KHz-18GHz



Antenna set AK-285T 1KHz-18GHz
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    • Commodity name: Antenna set AK-285T 1KHz-18GHz
    • Commodity ID: 1064537979428163584
    • 品牌11: AHS
    • 描述: AK-285T Antenna Assemblies to meet a wide variety of customer needs.
    • 品牌: AHS

    AK-285T Antenna Assemblies to meet a wide variety of customer needs. In order to prevent damage to the instrument during transportation, each component has a specific storage location in the carrying case. Also included in the kit are cables, a tripod and azimuth and elevation heads, and another tripod with accompanying antenna kit. Meet all customer regulatory tests.

  • main feature:

      Frequency range: 1KHz-18GHz

      Impedance: 50Ω

      Meet acceptance test (shielding effectiveness)

      Calibration report (1, 3, 10 m horizontal polarization)

      Comply with FCC, MIL-STD, VDE and TEMPEST standards

  • Technical Parameters:

    Contains equipment Frequency Range Product Description
    TSC-285T / shipping box
    SAS-510-2 290 MHz - 2000 MHz log periodic antenna
    SAS-544F 20 MHz – 3300 MHz biconical antenna
    SAS-551 9 KHz - 40 MHz Receive Monopole Antenna
    SAS-564 1 KHz - 30 MHz Transmitting 12" loop antenna
    SAS-571 700 Hz – 18 GHz High Gain Horn Antenna
    SAC-18G-3 DC~18GHz 3 meters N(m) ~ N(m) cable
    ADP-202 / N(f)~BNC(m) Adapter
    OTHER-510 / wooden tripod
    AEH-510 / Azimuth and Elevation Heads
    TCC-510 / tripod box


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