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Function generator HM2525



Function generator HM2525
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    • Commodity name: Function generator HM2525
    • Commodity ID: 1064832209937649664
    • 品牌11: ROHDE&SCHWARZ
    • 描述: HM2525 function generator is a kind of baseband signal source, which is mainly used to generate low-frequency signals.

      The HM2525 function generator, which belongs to the category of baseband signal sources, is mainly used for the generation of low-frequency signals.

  •   Frequency range: 10μHz~25MHz

      Triangular waveforms up to 10 MHz

      Output voltage: 5 mV to 10 V (Vpp) up to 50 Ω

      Total harmonic distortion 0.04 % (f < 100 kHz)

      Waveforms: Sine, square, triangle/ramp, pulse, arbitrary (including predefined waveforms such as white/pink noise, deep red sine, exponential rise/fall)

      Modulation modes: AM, FM, PULSE, PWM, FSK (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL)

      External connectors: TRIGGER (I/O), SWEEP (O), MODULATION (I)

      External reference input/output via BNC connector (10 MHz)

      Arbitrary waveform generator: 250 Msample/s, 14-bit, 256 kpoint

      PC software (free) for easy creation of user-defined waveforms

      Real-time oscilloscope signal display

      The front USB connector makes it easy to save and recall waveforms and settings

      Dual USB/RS-232 interface for easy remote control

      Fanless design

    Frequency Range

    10 μHz to 25 MHz



    Standard sinusoidal, square, pulse, bevel, triangle

    Arbitrary waveforms

    Up to 256KSA

    Predefined waveforms

    sinusoidal, squared (50%),

    slope (positive/negative), triangle (50%),

    Noise (white/pink), cardinal sinusoid

    Index (Up/Down)

    Operating mode

    Continuous, modulated, scanned, burst

    Modulation type

    AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM

    Temperature stability

    1x 10-6(+18°C至+28°C)

    (1years) ±1x 10-6(+25°C)

    Amplitude flatness

    up to 10 MHz

    ±0.15 dB

    10 MHz to 25 MHz

    ±0.2 dB

    above 25 MHz

    ±0.4 dB

    Harmonic distortion

    up to 100 kHz

    < -70 dBc

    100 kHz to 10 MHz

    < -55 dBc

    10 MHz to 25 MHz

    < -40 dBc

    above 25 MHz

    < -37 dBc

    Total harmonic distortion

    0.0 4 % (Typ.)


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