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RCB200N1 FORD FMC1278 & EMC-CS-2009.1 Compliant Test Box



RCB200N1 FORD FMC1278 & EMC-CS-2009.1 Compliant Test Box
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    • Commodity name: RCB200N1 FORD FMC1278 & EMC-CS-2009.1 Compliant Test Box
    • Commodity ID: 1064531601884073984
    • 品牌11: EMTEST
    • 行业: 汽车电子和整车
    • 描述: RCB 200N1 - Generating Relay Switching Transients
    • 品牌: EM TEST

    RCB 200N1 - Generating Relay Switching Transients

    According to the EMC1278 / FORD EMC-CS-2009.1 standard, some test waveforms cannot be generated by a transient simulator similar to the ISO 7637 standard. These waveforms need to be based on a Potter & Brumfield 12 V AC relay and a specially designed Circuits including components such as inductors, capacitors, resistors and switches are created with the goal of simulating "real transients".

    EM TEST's RCB 200N1 transient generator complies with the relevant requirements of the FORD EMC-CS-2009.1 standard. RCB 200N1 integrates the components listed in Figure F-1 of this standard in a metal box, which can produce CI 220 A1, A2-1, A2-2, C-1 and C-2, CI 260 F and RI 130 A2-1 and A2-2 these waveforms. For RI 130 waveform test, RCB 200N1 provides a BNC type coaxial output port for connecting a special test fixture.

  • main feature:

      Comply with EMC1278, EMC-CS-2009.1 standard requirements

      CI 220: A1, A2-1, A2-2, C-1 and C-2 tests available

      CI 260: F test available

      With the coupling test fixture, RI 130: A2-1, A2-2 tests can be performed

      Fixed repeat time and pseudo-random timing

      Automatic control of test modes and switch settings by microcontroller

      Simple and convenient manual operation

      Control the EOL state of the relay in accordance with the requirements of the FORD standard

      Internal/External Trigger Mode

    Standards compliant:

      Ford EMC-CS-2009.1

      Ford FMC1278

      Jaguar EMC-CS-2010JLR V1.1 (2011-01)

      Jaguar JLR-EMC-CS V1.0 Amd 4


      RCB 200N1 controlled by microprocessor, very easy to operate

      Although the RCB 200N1 can perform 8 waveform tests and has three test modes, its operation is very simple. Microcontrollers can be tested according to the selected test item (CI 220, CI 260 and RI 130), waveform (CI 220: A1, A2-1, A2-2, C-1 and C-2, CI 260: F or RI 130: A2-1 and A2-2) and modes (M1, M2 and M3) to set up the test application. LED lights will indicate the selected waveform, test mode, and status of the relays (SW0 - SW4) as required by the standard.

      For waveform testing applications, test patterns M2 and M3 are defined based on pseudo-random timing sequences. This is done automatically by the built-in microcontroller. Tests can be run sequentially, or indefinitely. Potter&Brumfield relays degrade after approximately 100 hours of use and need to be replaced. A built-in counter counts the time the relay is used in the background. The EOL LED will show the current EOL status.

      In order to meet the requirements of the RI 130 test item, all components of the RCB 200N1 are integrated in a metal box, but the replacement of the relay is still very simple. RCB 200N1 supports connecting an external trigger source to trigger the waveform; or when there is no external trigger source, it can also be automatically triggered internally.





      RCB 200N1 - designed in strict accordance with EMC1278 /EMC-CS-2009.1 standard

      The FORD standard has strict requirements for the use of circuits and components of a compliant transient generator. The RCB 200N1 of EM TEST is also designed in strict compliance with these requirements.



  • Specific indicators:

    Transient generators compliant with FORD EMC-CS-2009.1
    technical details
    RCB 200N1 The circuit design complies with Annex F, Figure F-1, including the following components
    Resistor R1 51 Ω,25W
    Resistor R2 220 Ω ± 5%, 2W
    Resistor R3 33 Ω ± 5%, 10W
    Resistor R4 6 Ω ± 5%, 50W
    Capacitor C1 100 nF capacitor, 400V
    Inductor L1 5 uH inductor (Osborne transformer part no. 8745)
    Inductance L2 100 uH inductor (Osborne transformer part no.32416)
    Diode D1 Zener Diode 39V, 5W
    Transistor Q1 NPN transistor
    SW0 - SW4 single throw switch
    RLY1 12V AC relay using NC contactor
    (Potter&Brumfield KUP-14A15-12)
    TEST ON Powers EUT in accordance with CI 220 and CI 260; no function for RI 130 due to no DC voltage
    ID Select test item
    Pulse Select a preset test pulse
    Mode Select the mode of pulse generation
    Start/Stop start/end test
    input Output
    enter 4mm safety connector for DC power supply (e.g. battery or VDS 200x)
    trigger External trigger input (BNC)
    output 4mm safety connector for CI 220 and CI 260 tests
    50 Ω BNC connector for RI 130 tests
    LED Display:
    - Test Status
    - Test Item (ID)
    - Waveform
    - Mode
    - Test Status
    - Test Item (ID)
    - Waveform
    - Mode
    - Test Status
    - Test Item (ID)
    - Waveform
    - Mode
    test program
    According to EMC-CS-2009 CI 220: A1, modes M1 and M2
    CI 220: A2-1, modes M1, M2, M3
    CI 220: A2-2, modes M2, M3
    CI 220: C-1, modes M2 and M3
    CI 220: C-2 , modes M2 and M3
    CI 260:F
    RI 130: A2-1, Modes M2 and M3
    RI 130: A2-2, Modes M2 and M3
    use the test fixture recommended by the Ford standard
    general data
    size 330mm x 230mm x 115mm
    weight about 7.5 kg
    fuse 20A for DUT power supply
    Protect Overvoltage and reverse polarity protection
    Test Fixture For line-line coupling anti-interference, in line with RI 130 test item requirements
    R-Rel Replacement Relay Kit
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