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DITO Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
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    • Commodity name: DITO Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
    • Commodity ID: 1064519406752256000
    • 品牌11: EMTEST
    • 行业: 民用
    • 描述: The static electricity between the human body and the object or between two objects can sometimes generate a voltage of up to several thousand volts, which may cause the circuit of electrical and electronic equipment to malfunction or even be damaged. DIT
    • 品牌: EM TEST

      DITO - The Perfect ESD Test Equipment

      The static electricity between the human body and the object or between two objects can sometimes generate a voltage of up to several thousand volts, which may cause the circuit of electrical and electronic equipment to malfunction or even be damaged. DITO is a state-of-the-art ESD test equipment capable of accurately simulating ESD pulses as required by standards such as EN / IEC 61000-4-2.

  • main feature:

      ergonomic design

      Weighs only 870 g

      Discharge heads are interchangeable

      Discharge modules are interchangeable

      LifePO4 new rechargeable battery for long testing

      Built-in standard test program library

      Measure and control test voltage

      Contains various test programs for testing and evaluation

      esd.control software for high-end user experience

      Option - Fiber optic link for connection between DITO and computer (USB port)

    Standards compliant:

      Bellcore GR-1089-Core

      Chrysler PF-9326

      DaimlerChrysler PF-10540

      IN 300329

      IN 300340

      IN 300342-1

      EN 300386 V1.3.2

      IN 301489-1

      IN 301489-17

      IN 301489-24

      IN 301489-7

      IN 55024

      EN 61000-4-2

      Fiat 9.90110

      Ford EMC-CS-2009.1

      Ford ES-XW7T-1A278-AB

      Ford ES-XW7T-1A278-AC

      Ford WDR 00.00EA

      IEC 61000-4-2

      IEC 61326

      ISO 10605

      ITU-T K.20

      ITU-T K.21

      ITU-T K.45

      RECEIVE D001-94

      MIL STD 461 G CS 118

      Renault 36.00.400/B

      Renault 36.00.400/C

      Toyota TSC3500G

      Toyota TSC3590G

      Volvo EMC Requirements (1998)


      DITO is designed to meet a variety of electrostatic discharge testing requirements. The power supply battery has super endurance and supports more than 50,000 times of 16.5 kV discharge, which is enough to complete a full day's testing tasks. Built-in menus guide users through testing against standards, allowing for easy evaluation of test points and sensitivity levels.

      Compared to other electrostatic discharge generators, the DITO's ergonomic design makes it easier to use. During operation or viewing the display, the discharge head will not be blocked by other parts of the DITO, so no matter what angle or method you need to discharge the device under test, you can see the position where the discharge head touches.

      In order to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the test, DITO can measure and record the discharge voltage. When the battery voltage is too low, DITO will automatically stop discharging and issue a prompt. In addition, the replacement of the discharge head and the discharge network does not need to disassemble the DITO, and can be completed by easy plugging and unplugging. DITO can automatically identify the discharge network used and display the resistance and capacitance values ​​of the discharge network on the display screen to ensure that the network selected by the user meets the needs.

      DITO can be operated with one hand, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users, and any key can be easily reached by your fingers. The large display indicates all relevant parameters, while the simple and clear menu structure facilitates quick setting and adjustment of parameters.

    controlling software:

      esd.control - Powerful control and reporting software

      In addition to remote control and report generation, the esd.control software has even more powerful functions. It is a comprehensive electrostatic discharge test management software, from test preparation (making a test plan including all test points, generating test minutes), to test program editing, test data collection, and forming relevant documents for each step. can be achieved through it. esd.control is the most advanced electrostatic discharge testing software tool.

      Additionally, EM TEST offers an optional fiber optic link to communicate with the DITO, separating the sensitive computer from the ESD test area to avoid ground looping of the test signal.


      RFCI Quick Discharge Module for Special ESD Tests

      The fast discharge module RFCI is capable of generating ESD test pulses that exceed the fast rise time requirements of EN / IEC 61000-4-2. Rise times range from 200 ps to 300 ps.

      Waveform calibration target set CTR 2 according to EN / IEC 61000-4-2

      The CTR 2 calibration target and its accessories 20 dB attenuator and coaxial cable form a calibration kit for calibrating ESD waveforms according to EN / IEC 61000-4-2. The 2 ohm calibration target fully meets the standard requirements.

  • Specific indicators:

    test level
    contact discharge 500 V - 10,000 V ± 5 %
    air discharge 500 V - 16,500 V ± 5 %
    resolution 100 V step
    Duration (air discharge) greater than 5 s  
    polarity positive/negative
    Test voltage LCD display
    contact discharge pulse Conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-2 standard; 150pF/330ohm
    Rise Time 0.8 ns +/- 25%
    first peak current 7.5A ± 15% @2kV
    15A ± 15% @4kV
    22.5A ± 15% @6kV
    30A ± 15% @8kV
    30ns current value 4.0A ± 30% @2kV
    8.0A ± 30% @4kV
    12.0A ± 30% @6kV
    16.0A ± 30% @8kV
    60ns current value 2.0A ± 30% @2kV
    4.0A ± 30% @4kV
    6.0A ± 30% @6kV
    8.0A ± 30% @8kV
    single pulse generate a single pulse
    Composite pulse (continuous) Continuous discharge up to 20Hz (air discharge) and 10Hz (contact discharge)
    software trigger Controlled by computer software via fiber optic interface
    test program
    Simple program Tested against various standard classes
    Quick start test program All test parameters can be adjusted during the test, simple, fast and easy to use
    Evaluate 20Hz air discharge to evaluate DUT test points
    Standard Test Procedure IEC/EN61000-4-2 test level 1-4; EN61000-6-1/-6-2
    set up parameters, standard grades, etc.
    Display and Control
    show LCD graphic display, 128×64 pixels
    operate 5 function keys, 2 direction keys and pulse trigger key
    manual operation Manual operation via function keys
    remote control Controlled by computer software via built-in fiber optic interface
    supply voltage
    Battery powered It can discharge continuously for more than 70,000 times at 16.5 kV. It will
    automatically cut off the power after operating for less than 10 minutes.
    LiFePo4 battery capacity 12.8 V - 1000 mAh
    power supply Power adapter via MAD power supply
    general data
    weight Approx. 940g (including battery)
    Cabinet material ABS, designed according to UL94VO standard
    ambient temperature 0°C-45°C (operating conditions)
    relative temperature 95% max (operating conditions)
    battery charger 100V-240V+/-10%, 50/60Hz, charging time is less than 2 hours
    DM1 150pF/330ohm discharge module, built-in discharge switch;
    air discharge head, contact discharge head
    PowerPack HERE Rechargeable battery
    LiFePo4 battery capacity 12.8 V - 1000 mAh
    Built-in low voltage protection safety module
    WITH DITO DITO charging unit, battery charger
      Carrying case, 2m grounding device, test certificate and operating manual
    DM1-RFCI 150pF/330ohm discharge module, rise time 200ps-300ps
    DM2 150pF/2000ohm discharge module
    DM3 330pF/2000ohm discharge module
    DM4 100pF/1500ohm discharge module
    DMX Discharge modules customized according to user needs
    esd.control Remote control and report generation software, fiber optic interface IFA
    VCP 50cm*50cm vertical coupling plate
    with 2*470K ohm grounding device EAS30
    EAS30 2*470K ohm grounding device
    MAD AC power adapter
    fiber optic interface Optical fiber connection between DITO and computer (USB interface), USB A type interface
    cable length 3 m or 6 m, maximum baud rate 19,200
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