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AFOM Fiber Multiple analysis host



AFOM Fiber Multiple analysis host
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    • Commodity name: AFOM Fiber Multiple analysis host
    • Commodity ID: 1064744282230509568
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: ESEO has been specializing in fiber optic link analysis for the past 20 years and has produced general purpose instruments that meet the requirements of various standards.
    • 品牌: TESEO

      TESEO has specialized in optical fiber link analysis for the past 20 years and has produced general-purpose instruments that meet the requirements of various standards. Prior to TESEO's development, the only way to perform fiber link analysis was to build an instrument for each standard, which was very limited. With the help of TESEO professional instruments, you can easily and repeatedly conduct signal analysis of optical fiber links.

      The AFOM mainframe has an internal bus, controlled by the microprocessor, called the Slot Bus (SlotBus). It can be installed and connected to various modules, making it possible to adapt the hybrid system to various standards. When the channel in the host is manually controlled, the microprocessor and the display are not available, AFOM-MF can be replaced by IMAGE-MF.

      An additional versatility of the AFOM fiber optic multiple analysis host is which plug-ins are compatible. The TESEO plug-in is adapted to the AFOM slot, and you can decide how to configure it according to the requirements of the test standard. TESEO provides a variety of components to meet various test modes (signal acquisition, telemetry, simulation, electromagnetic field monitoring, and audio and video systems), frequency range from DC-1GHz, multiple gains and attenuations.

      The plug-in system consists of a basic module adapted to the mainframe, optical fiber cables for signal lines and terminal control, battery-powered electromagnetic shielded satellites, and a charger. Each host has a built-in IEEE-488 interface. The parameters of each plug-in can be displayed in a wide range of backlit graphics, and up to 4 plug-ins can be installed.

      Depending on the application, the number of channels of the plug-in can be increased from one to up to four (each individually selectable). High-frequency plug-ins are generally single-channel, and low-frequency or telemetry plug-ins are two-channel.

      Available plug-ins are as follows: OAM01B, OAM02B, OAM03B, OAM05B, ODVM01B, OTM01B, OSM03B, OSM05B, OSM06B.

      In addition to a large number of independent fiber channels in the mainframe, the design of ATOM-MF is quite compact, suitable for panel installation and rack installation. Dimensions are standard 19” 3Hu. Since the unit uses a single phase power supply: 110V-220V-240V, 50/60Hz, it is easy to simulcast. Specially designed fiber optic cables provide maximum reliability and simplicity, while connecting the host and satellite Connections of any length are available. There is also a cable with reeling frame, which is very strong. The satellite has a compact design, its aluminum structure and special shielding function make it resistant to magnetic fields up to 200V/m, and can also be used in harsh environments .

  • Specific parameters:

      Interface: IEEE-488

      Display: backlit graphics, LCD

      Keyboard: 4 key input

      Modularity: 4 slots

      Power supply: 110V-220V-240V, 50/60Hz

      Size: 19''3HU

      Depth: 365mm (with handle) 310mm (without handle)

      Weight: 7.5kg

      Operating temperature: 0°C-50°C

      Storage temperature: -20°C-70°C


      DC-1GHz signal waveform test

      EMC/EMI: Radiated Emission Test, Conducted Emission Test, Radiated Sensing Test, Conducted Sensing Test, High Current Injection

      Radiation Frequency Voltage, Current and Power Tests

      bond test, ground test

      Nemp test, lightning test

      Electromagnetic field test

      High Voltage Float Test for Isolation Current

      Acquisition test for industrial and electromagnetic environment pollution

      Video Audio Test


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