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IMAGE optical fiber video communication system



IMAGE optical fiber video communication system
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    • Commodity name: IMAGE optical fiber video communication system
    • Commodity ID: 1064744856338452480
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: The IMAGE200 is a high-performance monitoring system widely used in EMC laboratories
    • 品牌: TESEO

      TESEO's current monitoring system for EMC testing has been developed to the third generation. Due to the harsh electromagnetic environment in the darkroom, in order to monitor the operation of the equipment placed in the darkroom for testing, shielding design and optical fiber must be used to connect to the control room. Moreover, the sensitivity requirement is higher than that of the equipment under test, otherwise it is very easy to be damaged during the radiation sensitivity test. Due to the problem of insufficient illumination in the dark room, a high-quality CCD must be used.

      TESEO has always used high-quality CCD, the best video transmission fiber, and has been supported by the majority of users. It can easily withstand the field strength of up to 200V/m.

      IMAGE200 is a high-performance monitoring system widely used in EMC laboratories. It is powered by batteries and can withstand a radiation field strength of up to 200V/m in the frequency range of 10KHz to 40GHz. It has remote control, automatic focus, and arbitrary rotation angles. It can monitor the condition of the test equipment in the darkroom and whether the equipment is sensitive during the sensitivity test, usually directly embedded in the wall of the darkroom.

      The whole system includes:

      CCU03, high-performance color camera, PAL system, can be used under the condition of 200 V/m in 10 kHz to 40 GHz

      PTU03, panel/tilt control module, AC powered, with tripod (optional)

      AL6, shielded power supply, 12 VDC, 24 VAC, including batteries required by CCU03 and PTU02

      FB010, 10 m length of fiber, 200/230 um

      IMAGE-MF, wall embedded module, supports up to four groups

      OVCM02B, IMAGE-MF plug-in module (optional, for connection to a color monitor)

      OVCM02B contains the following two functions:

      Video signal receivers and converters from optical fiber to electrical

      Panel/Tilt Control Module Joystick and Focus Button

  • application:

      Monitor the situation in the dark room through a camera embedded in the wall (or use a tripod to place it in the corner)

      Displays LED/CRT or other means of display as part of the device under sensitivity testing

      Shows how car dashboards or airplane cockpits work during sensitivity tests


      14" monitor

      Any length of fiber, up to 500m

      Color systems other than PAL

      AL6/US and IMAGE-MF/US powered by American standard 110V, 60Hz

      IMAGE-MF1 chassis with 7 slots

      AFOM-MF chassis shared with other monitors

      other types of lenses

      wooden tripod

    Selection criteria:

      The appropriate monitoring system can be selected according to the technical parameters involved in the following:

      Test Field Strength Level

      focus distance


      CCD quality

      Manual or remote mode

      Battery powered or externally powered

      Integrated video and audio fiber optic monitoring system

      Within a reasonable budget, TESEO can provide a monitoring system that fully meets the user's requirements. The monitoring system models that TESEO can choose include:




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