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OAM302 Fiber acquisition signal module



OAM302 Fiber acquisition signal module
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    • Commodity name: OAM302 Fiber acquisition signal module
    • Commodity ID: 1064745672822640640
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: The OAM302 plug-in system transmits analog signals over a fiber-optic link at frequencies ranging from 1 kHz to 1 GHZ and distances up to 1 km.
    • 品牌: TESEO

      TESEO's high-frequency plug-in modules and remote appendages are optical fiber communication links for the transmission of high-bandwidth analog signals in harsh environments affected by electromagnetic interference, noise or high voltage. A plug-in system consists of the following: a basic module suitable for plugging into the MOCS-MF / MFD mainframe, a two-wire optical cable for signal and control, a battery for power supply, shielded generator and a battery charger.

      Each plug-in system is an independent optical channel that can have different frequency bandwidths up to 1 GHz. It can handle the full range of data transfers for pulse testing. It provides researchers and engineers with a comprehensive technical solution to safely transmit uncorrupted data in EMP, EMC and high voltage tests and tests. Each plugin can be managed individually via the μprocessor-control system within the host.

      The OAM302 plug-in system transmits analog signals with a frequency range of 1 kHz to 1 GHz and a distance of up to 1 km through an optical fiber link. The MOCS-MF/MFD main unit can insert six OAM302P plug-in basic units to provide six independent optical channels. System settings and status are displayed on the LCD graphics of the host MOCS-MFD, and all functions can be used and managed through the MOCS-MFD LCD keyboard and embedded GPIB-RS232 interface. During start-up the base unit is automatically detached from the input port of the remote appendage, the maximum attenuation is selected, providing the operator with the possibility to check the function of the channel.

      The small size, battery-powered accessory unit OAM302S can be placed close to the signal monitoring point and combined with a preamplifier and a step attenuator, both of which are programmed by the base unit. The OAM302S can withstand pulsed electromagnetic field strengths exceeding 100 kV /m without being damaged, and the performance does not change in a wide range of environments. It can work continuously for more than eight hours, and can be charged with the accessory battery charger in a short time. It can also be remotely set to standby to save battery power, it will turn off when the battery power is low to ensure correct operation, and also automatically upload information requesting autonomy for 1 hour. Each accessory unit contains an accurate calibration signal generator for periodic checking of system gain, which is maintained by an automatic gain control circuit.

      system components

      OAM302P is a single-channel plug-in plugged into the MOCS-MF/MFD host

      Battery accessory unit for OAM302S power supply

      CB1 dedicated battery charger

      FAmmm two-wire zip cord fiber optic cable for signal and control lines (mmm = length in meters)

      FOBC FC FC fiber optic cable feedthrough (option)

      FOBC ST ST Optical Cable Feedthrough (Option)

      FORF Optical Cable Reel Rack (Option)


      In addition to the base unit and accessory units, each plug-in system provides a dedicated battery charger to shorten the charging time.

      Two-wire zip cord fiber optic cables are available in various lengths up to 1 km.

      Optionally, a robust tray (8 fibers per cable) is available. Feedthroughs are also available for fiber optic cables.

  •   Single-channel plug-in for MOCS-MF/MFD mainframe (up to six independent channels per mainframe)

      Operating frequency range 1 kHz to 1 GHz

      Insertable attenuators and preamplifiers.

      Signal to noise ratio better than 45dB

      Maximum output 0dBm

      System gain (without attenuator and preamplifier) ​​20dB

      Embedded Test Generator

  • Frequency response

    Bandwidth (3dB)

    DC~1 MHz

    2nd Harmonic Distortion

    < -30 dBc (@ -6 dBm out)

    Signal to Noise Ratio [20*Log (Vmaxpp/Vrms)]

    > 45 dB (@ G = 20 dB )

    > 35 dB (@ G = 44 dB)

    Time response (no attenuator, no preamplifier)

    Rise Time

    350 ps typ -400 ps max

    pulse overshoot

    < 5% typical - 10% max

    System Gain and Dynamic Range

    Maximum signal output

    0 dBm

    Maximum signal input (max-in)

    -44dBm/+1dBm 3dB step x

    Gain Accuracy

    ± 1.5 dB

    in-band ripple

    No attenuator/preamplifier (20 dB gain)

    ± 1.0 dB

    Any condition (worst case)

    ± 2.0 dB

    overvoltage protection

    Maximum continuous DC voltage

    50 V

    Maximum continuous CW signal

    +3dB max

    Features and Controls

    Accessory unit standby

    battery check

    Calibration (100 kHz square wave, 40 mVpp)

    Maximum input (system gain)

    Attenuator/Preamp Switch


    input resistance

    50 ohms

    output impedance

    50 ohms

    Mechanical Dimensions and Environment

    battery working time

    Continuous > 8 hours

    Standby > 1000 hours

    battery charging time

    2 hours

    battery charger connector

    LEMO goes around 5 poles

    electrical input connector


    The optical fiber connector

    Signal: FC

    Control: ST


    108 x 90 x 69 mm

    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature



      Signal waveform testing and monitoring

      Wideband waveform detection (e.g. wedge)

      EMC/EMI electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference

      NEMP & Lightning Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse and Lightning

      High current injection and CS test method

      High Voltage Floating and Safety Testing

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