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OAM303 Fiber acquisition signal module



OAM303 Fiber acquisition signal module
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    • Commodity name: OAM303 Fiber acquisition signal module
    • Commodity ID: 1064746250764177408
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: The frequency range of the OAM303 plug-in system to receive analog signals through the fiber link is DC ~ 100kHz and the distance is 1 km
    • 品牌: TESEO

      TESEO's DC, low-frequency plug-in modules and remote appendages are optical fiber communication links for the transmission of analog signals (including DC) in harsh environments affected by electromagnetic interference, noise or high voltage. A plug-in system consisting of a two-channel basic module fitted to the TESEO host, 1/2 bifilar cables for signal and control, 1/2 batteries for power supply, shielded transmitter, 1/2 batteries charger. Each plug-in system maintains 2 independent light channels. It provides researchers and engineers with a complete technical solution to solve the function of safely monitoring the EUT in a strong electromagnetic field or high voltage environment.

      The frequency range of the OAM303 plug-in system receiving the analog signal through the optical fiber link is DC~100kHz and the distance is 1 km. The OAM303P basic unit plug-in has two optical/electrical independent channel receivers, and you can connect 2 OAM303S auxiliary units to it. The MOCS-MF host can be inserted into 12 OAM303P basic unit plug-ins to provide a total of 24 independent optical channels. System configuration and status are displayed on the LCD graphic display of the host computer, and all functions can be used and managed through the MOCS keyboard or the embedded GPIB-RS232 interface. The OAM303 automatically performs a full calibration at startup in order to compensate for possible gain changes, such as connecting or disconnecting optical connectors. In addition, you can choose zero or reference level at the output port for calibration. Information about battery status is also available.

      The small size of the accessory unit The battery-powered OAM303S accessory unit can be placed close to signal monitoring points, or in hard-to-reach areas (eg engines, industrial equipment). It can be switched on or off from the host, and 5 input ranges can be selected, from 1 Vpp to 100 Vpp full scale.

      The input impedance is 1M ohms and can be coupled with AC or DC signals. The signal source can be switched from the signal input to zero and reference levels, to perform calibration of test configurations or to check the remaining charge of the battery. OAM303S can withstand the electromagnetic field strength higher than 200 V/m, the frequency range is 10 kHz-18 GHz, and it works in a wide range of environments without major changes in performance. It can work continuously for more than 8 hours and can be charged with the accessory battery charger in a short time. The ruggedness of the appendage also makes it ideal for acquiring signals from remote sensors in extremely harsh environments.

      system components

      OAM303P Two-channel plug-in for AFOM-MF

      OAM303S Battery Powered Accessory Unit

      CB4 dedicated battery charger

      FBmmm two-wire zip cord fiber optic cable for signal and control lines (mmm = length in meters)

      FOBC ST ST Optical Cable Feedthrough (Option)

      FORF Optical Cable Reel Rack (Option)

      RCcc resistance cable (up to 30 meters)


      Fiber optic cables are available in various lengths up to 1 km

      Supplied with a sturdy cable tray (one cable can have 8 fibers)

      Feedthroughs are also available for fiber optic cables

  •   Two-channel plug-in for MOCS-MF/MFD host (12 independent channels can be plugged into each host)

      Working frequency range DC ~ 100kHz

      Input impedance 1M ohms

      Five input ranges are selectable, with a full scale of 1-50Vpp.

      Full scale output ±1 V 50 ohms

      Signal to noise ratio better than 50dB

      Shield >200V/m electromagnetic field 1 kHz-18GHz

  • frequency

    Bandwidth (3dB)


    Maximum Harmonic Level

    - 30dBc

    Signal to Noise Ratio [20*Log (Vmaxpp/Vrms)]

    > 50 dB


    ± 1.5 dB


    input resistance


    input range

    ±0.5/1.5/5/15/50V full scale

    input voltage


    output impedance

    50 ohms

    output level

    ± 1 V full scale


    5% typical, 10% maximum




    Resistive cable, length optional Termination optional

    Resistor cable with driver

    Mechanical Dimensions and Environment

    battery working time

    Continuous > 8 hours

    Shutdown > 1000 hours

    battery charging time

    16 hours

    battery charger connector

    LEMO goes around 5 poles

    electrical input connector

    HIROSE 4 poles circuit

    The optical fiber connector



    125 x 79 x 29 mm

    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature


    basic unit

    electrical output connector


    The optical fiber connector

    Signal: ST


    Plug into AFOM-MF plug-in

    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature




      Signal waveform testing and monitoring

      Wideband waveform detection (e.g. wedge)

      EMC/EMI electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference

      NEMP & Lightning Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse and Lightning

      High current injection and CS test method

      High Voltage Floating and Safety Testing

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