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OBE1553 Fiber Bus expander



OBE1553 Fiber Bus expander
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    • Commodity name: OBE1553 Fiber Bus expander
    • Commodity ID: 1064746835714396160
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: The OBE1553 connects the remote terminal unit and the MIL-1553B bus via a fiber optic link for bidirectional connectivity.
    • 品牌: TESEO

      OBE1553 connects remote terminal unit and MIL-1553B bus through optical fiber link to realize bidirectional connection. The OBE 1553 constructs fiber optic line extensions for the Aeronautical Equipment Bus 1553B. The remote terminal unit and the MIL-1553B bus are connected through a fiber optic link to achieve bidirectional connection, resulting in electrical isolation and noise immunity. Typically used to connect aviation equipment and remote buses. Since the transmission is similar, the received signal will not be repeated, and the system protocol is transparent. The signal waveform at the receiving end of the link does not change as does its signal-to-noise ratio.

      A bus extender consists of two transceivers. OBE1553BC is on the bus side and OBE1553RT is on the remote device side. The two transceivers appear to be the same, but they are actually different due to differences in the internal electronics. Each transceiver is a plug-in module, containing power supply, switch and associated LEDs, to be plugged into an unshielded case such as IMAGE-MF (3 slots) or IMAGE-MF1 (7 slots). Each transceiver occupies one slot, and the remaining configuration devices occupy the remaining slots. Dual fiber cables (200um, ST connectors) cause a delay of 10nsec per meter, which is added to the 500nsec delay caused by the transceiver.

      system components

      IMAGE-MF three-socket mainframe

      OBE1553BC Electronic interface, bus terminal

      OBE1553RT Electronic Interface, Remote Terminal


      IMAGE-MF1 7-slot host

      FOBC ST optional feedthrough




    input resistance

    1000 ohms/min

    75kHz ~1MHz

    70 ohms ± 2%

    Input voltage



    The output voltage

    18 ~ 27Vpp (77 ohm load)

    0.86 ~14Vpp (77 ohm load)

    output noise



    Frequency Range


    common mode




    0 cross deviation


    Symmetrical output

    ±250mV, line to line

    total delay

    <2usec(100m optional cable length)

    Monitor output signal ratio


    optional connector

    ST type

    bus connector

    3 axis

    monitor its connector

    BNC type

    operating temperature

    0 ~50

    storage temperature

    -20 ~70

    power supply

    230V AC 50Hz

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