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OBE9141 Fiber Bus expander



OBE9141 Fiber Bus expander
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    • Commodity name: OBE9141 Fiber Bus expander
    • Commodity ID: 1064747077641850880
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: The OBE9141 can be connected to the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) and diagnostic tester (DT) using optical fiber and is ISO-9141 compliant.
    • 品牌: TESEO

      OBE9141 can use optical fiber to connect the electronic control unit (ECU) and diagnostic tester (DT) of the vehicle, which complies with the ISO-9141 standard. The system consists of an optical transceiver (OBE9141 ECU) connected to the ECU, placed on the vehicle or near its test area, and another optical transceiver (OBE9141 DT) connected to the DT, placed outside the high field strength test area. Both sensors are shielded to 200 V/m in a 10kHz -18GHz bandwidth and are connected via a three-wire fiber optic cable. Systems using three fibers are suitable for all communication types described in the standard, requiring only one or two fibers for some possible height configurations. The two sensors are similar but not the same. OBE9141ECU is powered by ECU or vehicle, OBE9141DT has a dedicated power supply and supplies power to the attached DT equipment.

      The ISO-9141 standard specifies the equipment for establishing the exchange of digital information between an ECU and a suitable diagnostic tester. Communications are established to facilitate observation, testing, diagnosis and adjustment of vehicles, systems and ECUs. The ECU has one (K) and two (L and K) communication connections.

      If lines K or L are connected together with one or more ECUs, this system is called a bus system. Definition of Line K: It provides serial digital information from ECU to Diagnostic Tester (DT). Line K can also be used bi-directionally, in which case it transmits commands and data from the diagnostic tool to the ECU. In addition, line K can also be used to initiate serial communication. Line L is a one-way line from the diagnostic instrument to the ECU. When present, it can be used for serial communication initialization and/or to transfer commands and/or data.

      system components

      OBE9141ECU Electronic Control Unit Interface

      OBE9141DT Diagnostic Tester Interface

      AL2 (*) External power supply DC 12V

      FBmmm Dual fiber optic cable (mmm= length meter)

      FCmmm single-fiber cable (mmm=length in m)

      24V option

      OBE9141ECU/24 electronic control unit 24V (it replaces OBE9141ECU)

      AL2/24 (*) External power supply DC

      24V 0.5A 230V - 50Hz (for OBE9141DT)

      Note: OBE9141DT and fiber optic cable are the same at 12V or 24V.

      (*) 110V AC 60Hz versions use US power cords identified by the subscript suffix /US, (eg AL2/24/US)

      Possible configurations:

      Fully configured system three-wire optical cable:

  • Battery voltage (nominal)


    Input Threshold High

    2/3 * Vb ±10%

    Input Threshold Low

    1/3 * Vb ±10%

    Output resistance "OFF"

    500 Ω ± 5%

    Output resistance "ON"


    Input resistance "OFF"


    baud rate

    >100 k bits

    optical connector


    fiber optic cable

    200/230 μm

    Electrical interface connector

    D 9 pole core negative filtered

    power connector

    LEMO 5 poles

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