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OBM1553 fiber optic bus monitor



OBM1553 fiber optic bus monitor
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    • Commodity name: OBM1553 fiber optic bus monitor
    • Commodity ID: 1064747319242149888
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: The OBM1553 system is used to connect the MIL-STD-1553B bus to the remote analyzer
    • 品牌: TESEO

      OBM1553 system is used to connect MIL-STD-1553B bus and remote analyzer. Typical application in EMC anti-interference test of aerospace electronic LRU. In the dark room, the measured object is exposed to high electromagnetic field, and the bus analyzer cannot withstand the corresponding high field strength, so it is placed in a remote location outside. The part of the system in the dark room must be shielded, but the part in the control room does not need to be shielded. The OBM1553 optical link basically consists of a dual-channel sensor and receiver, connected by dual fiber optic cables, providing the necessary isolation for signal exchange through the walls of a shielded room.

      The OBM15553S is a self-powered shielded unit. Field strength rating capability up to 200V/m. The built-in 6V lead battery can work continuously for 8 hours without charging. After the test, it can be charged with a charger. The unit has a power switch and two LED indicators that show power and battery status. The generator OBM1553S converts the electronic form of buses A and B into optical form. The bus level matching the generator is 0.86V ~ 14V (peak-to-peak, line-to-line). CB1 is a 6V battery charger, suitable for 230V, 50Hz European bus. The version adapted to the US bus is CB1/US, 115V, 60Hz. The receiver OBM1553B looks like a plug-in type module, plugged into a 3U high chassis. Compared with the generator, it converts the signal from the optical form to the electronic form. The output level is 4V, peak to peak, line to line. Receiver This module cannot stand alone and requires an external enclosure. The case size is 19 inches, 3U high, 6 OMM-1 slot racks, 3 OMM slot racks. The OMM-1 is only half the width of a 19-inch enclosure, so a special adapter is required for installation. Both OMM-1 and OMM provide power to the module. Powered by European bus, American version as OMM-1/US or OMM/US.

      The dual-fiber cable is a 200/240um multi-mode cable, the connector is ST, FBmmm, and mmm represents the specific length of the cable, and the unit is meter. Because of the direct modulation technique, the maximum recommended length is 100 meters.

      system components

      Dual Channel Shield Generator OBM1553S

      Dual Channel Generator Battery Charger CB1

      Dual channel unshielded receiver OBM1553B

      Receiver box, optional OMM-1 or OMM

      Dual fiber optic cable, type FB

      test configuration

      The minimum configuration unit of dual bus is: n.1 OBM1553S, n.1CB1, n.1 OBM1553B, n.1oMM-1, n.1 FBxxx. In this configuration, only three slots are required.

      In addition to the same number of chassis, the configuration of more buses only needs to be multiplied by the corresponding bus pairs. OMM-1 can be plugged with 3 OBM1553Bs (6 buses in total), and OMM can be plugged with 6 OBM1553Bs (12 buses). bus).

      It is recommended to purchase chargers according to the number of generators to ensure that the charging is carried out at the same time to ensure that the signals of each channel are generated.

  • Generator module OBM1553S

    Voltage input level

    0.86V ~ 14V (peak to peak, line to line)

    input resistance

    >1000 ohms, 75kHz~1MHz, sinusoidal signal 1Vrms

    common mode rejection

    +/-10V , line-ground, DC~2MHz


    200V/m , up to 18GHz

    battery working time

    Maximum continuous 8 hours

    battery charging time

    2 hours

    battery charging connector

    5- hole ring

    Connector 1553

    3 axis (Trompeter)

    The optical fiber connector


    powered by

    6V built-in battery

    physical size

    108 ×89×67

    operating temperature

    0 ℃~50℃

    Receiver OBM1553B

    Voltage output level

    4V (peak-to-peak, line-to-line)

    lift time


    Connector 1553

    3 axis (Trompeter)

    The optical fiber connector


    physical size

    Standard OMM plugin

    general data

    OMM standard 19 inches, 3U chassis, 6 slots

    OMM —1 standard 9.5 inches, 3U chassis, 3 slots

    Fiber type: 200/240um multimode

    Maximum fiber length: 100mt

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