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ODVM301 fiber optic digital voltmeter module



ODVM301 fiber optic digital voltmeter module
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    • Commodity name: ODVM301 fiber optic digital voltmeter module
    • Commodity ID: 1064747793311748096
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: Fiber optic digital voltmeter systems are used for accurate DC voltage measurements such as electromagnetic interference, noise, and extremely high voltage
    • 品牌: TESEO

      The fiber optic digital voltmeter system is used for accurate DC voltage measurement under conditions such as electromagnetic interference, noise and extremely high voltage. The plug-in system consists of four channels for host-adaptive, four battery-powered, muting sensors, each connected to the base plug-in via a fiber optic communication line, with separate battery power supplies.

      Basic unit plug-in: ODVM301 plug-in system is a digital voltmeter with 1mV resolution and +/-32V full scale. Measurements are controlled by remote satellites via fiber optic links, and the ODVM301P offers four optional electronic receivers that can be connected to four satellite units. The MOCS host can install up to 12 ODVM301P basic plug-ins, a total of 48 independent fiber channels. Measurements for each channel are displayed on the main unit's LCD as 3 prominent decimal digits. Also, make it readable via built-in RS232 and GPIB interfaces. The readings are displayed at a rate of one every two seconds.

      Satellite unit: ODVM301S satellite is small in size and powered by batteries, and can be tested in environments with high electromagnetic field characteristics. It can withstand electromagnetic fields up to 200V/m within 1kHz-18GHz, and can be used in various environments without significant change in performance. Continuous operation for 24 hours, with battery charging. Equipped with a switch to control the battery status. 1M ohm impedance differential input, auto-calibration technology, digital filtering to ensure long-term accurate operation and noise shielding. Input resistance cables can be used to ensure that the device under test is not affected by the environment and electromagnetic fields, and in general, a disturbance-free test can be presented. Resistive cable lengths are optional, terminations are optional, and internal drivers are optional to measure high voltage signals.

      Each plug-in unit has a CB4 battery powered charger, except the base plug-in and satellite units. There are also fiber optic cables up to 1km long, and a solid reeling frame. It can be equipped with fiber optic cable feedthrough.

      system components

      ODVM301P four-channel plug-in

      ODVM301S Battery Powered Satellite Unit

      CB4 battery charger

      FCmmm fiber optic cable (mmm=length, in meters)

      FOBC ST ST Fiber Feedthrough

      FPRF Fiber Optic Cable Reeling Frame

      RCcc resistance cable (cc=length in centimeters)


      Resistance cables of various lengths and terminations

      Resistor cable with driver

  •   4-channel plug-in, adapted to MOCS-MFD host, interface is RS232 and GPIB (each host can have up to 48 independent channels)

      Accurate DC voltage measurement

      Differential, dipole measurement

      1mV resolution, ±32V full scale

      1M ohm input

      LCD digital display

      Can shield electromagnetic fields up to 200V/m within 1kHz~18GHz

  • Electronic parameters

    full scale input





    0.5% ( ±1mV)

    input type

    true difference

    input resistance

    1M ohm

    test rate


    Mechanical and Environmental Parameters

    satellite unit

    battery life

    Lasts >24 hours

    ON-OFF>1000 hours

    battery charging time

    16 hours

    battery charging connector

    LEMO 5 hole ring

    Electronic input connector

    HIROSE 4 hole ring

    Optical Digital Connector



    29.5 ×79×106mm

    operating temperature

    -10 ℃~70℃

    storage temperature

    -20 ℃~80℃

    basic unit

    The optical fiber connector



    MOCS-MFD and MOCS-FD plug-ins, optional RS232 and GPIB

    operating temperature

    0 ℃~50℃

    storage temperature

    -20 ℃~70℃


    Resistance cables of various lengths and terminations

    Resistor cable with driver


      Power Accuracy Test

      Set point stability test

      Sensor output test

      General voltage test in cluttered environment

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