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OTM01 fiber optic telemetry module



OTM01 fiber optic telemetry module
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    • Commodity name: OTM01 fiber optic telemetry module
    • Commodity ID: 1064748907981590528
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: OTM01 plug-in system is an RF voltmeter, suitable for continuous wave signals within 10 KHZ ~ 1GHz
    • 品牌: TESEO

      Due to the adverse effects of electromagnetic interference, noise and high voltage on the test environment, the optical telemetry system tests the voltage, current and power through the link of the optical fiber link. The plug-in system consists of two dual-channel base modules adapted to the mainframe, one or two transmission fiber optic cables, one or two battery-powered shield generators and chargers. Each plug-in system has two independent Fiber Channels. Provide developers and engineers with a complete solution for radiation frequency testing.

      base unit plugin

      The OTM01 plug-in system is a radio frequency voltmeter, suitable for continuous wave signals within 10kHz ~ 1GHz, the dynamic range is 58dBm (-46dBm ~ 12dBm, 1 ~ 900mV), the measurement is controlled by remote satellite, and the connected optical fiber cable can be as long as 1 thousand rice. OTM01B is an independent receiver with dual optical fiber electronic channels, which can be connected to 1 or 2 OTM01S satellite units. 4 OTM01B basic unit plug-ins can be installed on the AFOM-FM host, and there are 8 independent fiber channels in total. The measurement unit of the channel is dBm or mV, and the LCD of the host computer displays with 4 digits or approximate values. In addition, its value can be read through the built-in IEEE-488 interface, and the reading is displayed every ten seconds.

      satellite components

      The OTM01S satellite component is small in size and can withstand electromagnetic fields up to 200V/m. Its special design allows it to be used in various environments and still provide high-quality performance. 8 hours of continuous work, short charging time. Localized switch, also controls battery condition, input is 50 ohms.

      Current Probes and Equalizers

      For high current testing, TESEO provides you with probes and equalizers covering various frequency ranges, which can meet various sensitivity requirements and installation sizes.


      In addition to the basic plug-in and satellite components, each plug-in system also comes with a charger. Fiber optic cables are available in optional lengths up to 1 km. A sturdy reeling frame (capable of holding up to 8 fibers) is also available. Cable feedthroughs are also available as an option.

      system components

      OTM01B: Dual channel plug-in system

      OTM01S: Battery Powered Satellite Unit

      CB4: Precision Battery Charger

      FCmmm: single fiber optic cable (mmm=length meter)

      FOBCST: Fiber Optic Cable Feedthrough

      FORF: Cable Reeling Frame


      Continuous wave (AM/FM modulated signal) power meter

      CW voltmeters and CW ammeters, current probes in different configurations and equalizers

      High current injection test

      field strength measurement

  •   Dual-channel plug-in for AFOM-FM mainframe (up to 8 independent channels per mainframe)

      In the range of 10kHz-1GHz, measure continuous wave voltage, current and power

      58dBm dynamic range (-46dBm~12dBm)

      50 ohm input

      AFOM-FM host LCD display digitization and similar values

      In the range of 10kHz ~ 18GHz, the maximum electromagnetic field can be shielded 200V/m

  • Electronic parameters


    CW power, voltage, current

    Frequency Range


    input resistance

    50 ohms



    full scale input


    Measurement over range


    safest input


    Units of measurement

    dBm or mV

    test frequency



    3 digits, 5 digits

    monitor output

    4V full scale



    satellite unit

    battery operating time

    8 consecutive hours

    charger connector

    5- hole ring

    charging time

    16 hours

    Electronic input connector


    The optical fiber connector




    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature


    basic components

    monitor its connector


    The optical fiber connector


    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature


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