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PAS remote pneumatic control device



PAS remote pneumatic control device
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    • Commodity name: PAS remote pneumatic control device
    • Commodity ID: 1064749201775808512
    • 品牌11: TESEO
    • 描述: PAS is specifically designed for EMC radiation immunity testing, enabling remote control of EUT actions.
    • 品牌: TESEO

      For manufacturers of automotive control panels, remote control, and wireless communication equipment, when the object under test (EUT) is tested for radiation immunity in an anechoic/GTEM chamber or shielded room, it is often necessary to control the buttons of the object under test, including the EUT's opening and closing. /Off or start a series of operations.

      Since the EUT is exposed to high field strength radiation, the operator cannot perform any direct control over the EUT, even by simply pressing a button.

      PAS is specially designed for EMC radiation immunity test, to realize remote control of EUT action. This system controls the buttons of the EUT being tested in a shielded environment. PAS consists of two parts:

      Control unit: placed outside the shielded environment

      Execution unit: Placed in a shielded environment, connected to the external control unit through a gas pipe (a non-metallic plastic pipe with gas inside). The execution unit is reversible and can perform "press" or "pull".

      The mechanical support part of the execution unit can be cut according to the shape of the EUT, so it is suitable for all kinds of measured objects.

      In the control unit, the action of "press" can be realized by manually operating the control unit, or by sending an electrical signal to the control unit with another device.

      Available controls include:

      Maximum pressure on EUT

      Maximum speed of movement

      The axial direction of the actuator is fully adjustable manually.

      The plastic tube connecting the control unit and the execution unit, with a diameter of 4mm, can pass through the waveguide of the shield.

      system components

      PAS01: Pneumatic Control Unit

      PAS-A01: Insulated pneumatic actuator

      PAS-S01: Execution unit insulation support frame


  •   Dual-channel plug-in for AFOM-FM mainframe (up to 8 independent channels per mainframe)

      In the range of 10kHz to 1GHz, measure continuous wave voltage, current and power

      58dBm dynamic range (-46dBm~12dBm)

      50 ohm input

      AFOM-FM host LCD display digitization and similar values

      In the range of 10kHz ~ 18GHz, the maximum electromagnetic field can be shielded 200V/m

  • PAS01 : Pneumatic control unit

    Air pressure max 10 Bar at entry point

    Adjustable airflow and air pressure

    Pressure measurement and display on the front panel

    4mmQuick connect air connection

    Execution unit command

    +24 VDC


    19" ,3U

    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature


    Power supply


    PAS-A01 standard execution unit


    4mm quick connect air connection


    0 ~3.5 kg





    plastic pipe

    diameter4mm,length10 m

    PAS-S01 standard insulating support frame



    The fixture for fixing the EUT to the insulating support frame needs to be developed by the user and is not included in PAS-S01.

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