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HT-3000P-1A withstand voltage tester



HT-3000P-1A withstand voltage tester
  • Product Description
  • Main features
  • Technical parameters
    • Commodity name: HT-3000P-1A withstand voltage tester
    • Commodity ID: 1064757535606198272
    • 描述: HT-3000P-1A withstand voltage tester can be used for insulation withstand voltage test of 3000V DC.

      The HT-3000P-1A withstand voltage tester can perform a DC 3000V insulation withstand voltage test.

  • main feature:

      AC output: maximum 3000V

      Leakage current: maximum 1000mA

      Power off switch on front panel

      Microcontroller technology, one-button test, easy to set up, LED display test progress, when an error occurs, the buzzer sounds, and the test is terminated

      The output voltage. Leakage current limit and test duration are controlled from the front panel

      The test timer can eliminate

      Independent arc detection circuit

      Leakage current range can be set: 30mA—1000mA

      Ramp down <1s, the real output voltage is displayed on the meter

      Can start with 0 voltage

      Ergonomic design, safe, fast and effective

      Optional sensitive arc detection circuit

      Optional external interlock, close high voltage output

      Product includes cables, operating manual and calibration certificate

      One-year calibration cycle, one-year warranty period

      Visual indication or voltage output: front panel prompt, connect directly to high voltage output

      Failure indication: audio, by buzzer, but yes, by red LED light. On failure, the test is automatically terminated

  • Technical Parameters:

      Voltage test type: AC

      Maximum output voltage: 3000V

      Maximum leakage current: 1000mA

      Input voltage: 240VAC

      Frequency: 60Hz

      Power supply: 13.5A (at maximum voltage)

      Fault detection: Independent high-frequency circuit, low sensitive spikes are used to prevent product damage

      Transformer power: >500VA

      High voltage drop: <1s

      Current Leakage Detection: Independent Low Frequency Circuit

      Test time range: 1~60s or test failure (press the test button to transmit voltage). When operating continuously, determine the optional RF

      Voltage display: 4 digital LED display

      Voltmeter Accuracy: +/-2% +/-1count

      Voltage resolution: 1V

      Current leakage: 30mA~1000mA 10mA increment

      Current display: 4 digital LED display

      Galvanometer Accuracy: +/-2% +/-1count

      Current resolution: 10mA

      Duty cycle: 100%

      Operating temperature: 15℃~40℃

      Relative humidity: 0~90% without ventilation

      Dimensions: 24”×30”×23”(W×H×D)

      Weight: 160 lbs

      Product packaging: HT-3000P-1A Hipot Tester, Operation Manual, 18AWG Test Leads (Black), 4pcs 18AWG High Voltage Test Leads, 4 NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates (Meet the standard MIL-STD45662—A)


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