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MegaPulse 10 × 700-7P Surge Tester



MegaPulse 10 × 700-7P Surge Tester
  • Product Description
  • Main features
  • Technical parameters
    • Commodity name: MegaPulse 10 × 700-7P Surge Tester
    • Commodity ID: 1064758250298822656
    • 描述: The waveform of MegaPlus 10x 700-7P is designed in strict accordance with the test of the data processing equipment in the standard EN60950, Appendix N, Table N.1, line 1.

      The waveform of MegaPlus 10x700-7P is designed strictly according to the standard EN60950, appendix N, table N.1, the test of data processing equipment in row 1. Pulse withstand voltage test resistors for Australian Deviation with a peak value not greater than 7kV are designed to provide repeated pulses without changing the output impedance. . The tolerance of the output waveform fully meets the requirements of IEC 1180, the voltage range is 1000-7000V, and the output impedance is 40 ohms. According to the requirements of Appendix N, the reading of the instrument on the front panel is the open circuit voltage (non-output voltage) at both ends of the energy storage capacitor.

      Optional built-in relay, meeting the requirements of IEC60065, Fig7b.

      Optionally equipped with a 1000:1 reference BNC connector for peak voltage reading.

      The optional TestMinder allows PC operation.

  • main feature:

      Output: maximum 7000V large-capacity capacitor, controlled by the knob on the front panel. The reading of the storage capacitor is displayed by the front panel meter. Positive or negative polarity is selected by the front panel button. True impedance: 40 ohms

      Voltage waveform: 10x700us@1000-7kV bulk capacitor, according to EN60950, Appendix N

      Peak: 1000-7kV ±3% (independent of meter tolerance)

      Leading edge time: 10us±30% [Trise=1.67(T90%-T30%)] per IEC 1180

      Duration: 700uS ±20% (half value time) per IEC 1180

      Current waveform: undefined 40 ohm tester output maximum 175A

      Pulse transmission: 2.5kV pulse, once every 30s; 7kV pulse, once every minute

      Instrument accuracy: ±3% 1000-7kV

      Test and debugging: the amplitude is adjusted through the knob on the front panel and displayed by the digital display

      Polarity adjustment via front panel buttons

      Operating temperature: 15℃~40℃

      Relative humidity: 0~90% without ventilation

      Input power requirement: 114~128V, 50/60Hz, 2A

      Dimensions: 17”×3U×17”(W×H×D), 6U x 17” x 17”(IEC switch)

      Weight: about 30 lbs, shipping weight about 40 lbs

  • Technical Parameters:

      RI: Relay. Connect to customer PLC

      TMM: TestMinder allows the computer to use the computer clock to keep time and control the operation through the PC

      240: 240V power supply operation

      230: 230V power supply operation

      220: 220V power supply operation

      BNCV: 1000:1 attenuated BNC port (for voltage monitoring only)

      IER: IEC 65 Figure 7b switch (6U chassis)


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