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AFM-1500 power amplifier



AFM-1500 power amplifier
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    • Commodity name: AFM-1500 power amplifier
    • Commodity ID: 1064760480020189184
    • 品牌11: COMPOWER
    • 描述: The AFM-1500 is part of Com-Power company's broadband RF amplifier series, specially designed for FM broadcasting.
    • 品牌: COMPOWER

      The AFM-1500 is part of Com-Power's wideband RF amplifier series, designed specifically for FM broadcasting. The AFM-1500 is a broadband MOSFET amplifier with a rated power output of 1500 watts. The AFM-1500 is compatible with BEL (Type HVB/HVM 164A, HVM 165A) or GCEL (Type 131/136) 2x3 kW /2x5 kW FM radio transmitters. The phase and gain of the power amplifier are matched and can be used for high-power FM transmitters.

  •   Frequency range: 87.5kHz~108MHz

      Rated output power: 1500W

      Standing wave ratio: 1.2:1 (maximum)

      Impedance: 50Ω

      Input Signal Modulation Compatibility: FM

      Input connector: BNC (rear panel)

      Harmonic distortion: 65 dBc (at 1500W)

      Output connector: 7/16 (front panel)

      Interface: USB

      Input power: 27VDC, 100A (external connection)

      Size: 3U, 19-inch cabinet

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