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ESL EMI Measurement Receiver (9k-6G)



ESL EMI Measurement Receiver (9k-6G)
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    • Commodity name: ESL EMI Measurement Receiver (9k-6G)
    • Commodity ID: 1064766060969480192
    • 品牌11: ROHDE&SCHWARZ
    • 描述: The frequency range from 9kHz to 3GHz or 9kHz to 6GHz covers almost all commercial EMC standards. The first combination of an entry-level EMI test receiver and spectrum analyzer.

           The R&S®ESL EMI measurement receiver combines two instruments to measure EMC disturbances according to the latest standards and also serves as a full-featured spectrum analyzer for various laboratory applications. The R&S®ESL is designed to meet the needs of cost-conscious users who wish to perform diagnostic and pre-compliance EMI measurements up to 3 GHz or 6 GHz.

          The combination of very good RF characteristics and all the important functions required to quickly and accurately measure and evaluate the electromagnetic compatibility of the equipment under test according to commercial standards is unmatched in this class of instruments. Versatile analysis capabilities, high measurement speed and time-saving automated test procedures make the R&S®ESL the obvious choice for any development laboratory that needs to prepare for final EMC certification testing.

  • main feature:

    • The frequency range is from 9kHz to 3GHz or 9kHz to 6GHz, covering almost all commercial EMC standards .
    • First-ever combination of entry-level EMI test receiver and spectrum analyzer .
    • All major functions of advanced EMI test receivers, including fully automated test sequences .
    • Weighted detectors: max /min peak, mean, rms, quasi-peak, and mean and rms with instrument time constant, compliant with the latest edition of CISPR 16-1-1 .
    • Small and lightweight instrument for mobile applications.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Very good RF characteristics for precise and repeatable measurement results
    • 0.5dB amplitude accuracy
    • 1dB compression point power +5dbm
    • RF input pulse resistance up to 10 mW
    • Average noise level shown with preamp <-152 dBm (1 Hz)
    • Resolution bandwidth 10 Hz to 10 MHz (–3dB), 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz (–6dB), 1MHz (pulse)
    • Unbeatable value for money in this class
    • Two test instruments in one: EMI test receiver and spectrum analyzer
    • low investment cost
    • Best RF characteristics for this class of instrument
    • Extensive measurement and evaluation functions
    • Cost-saving plug-and-play option
    • Intuitive operation - same as all Rohde & Schwarz EMI measurement receivers
    • Clear Scan Settings for Tabular Format
    • Ability to measure simultaneously with multiple detectors
    • Pre-determined antenna factors and limit lines according to commercial standards
    • Selectively monitor critical disturbances using the tune to marker and marker track functions
    • Simultaneous measurement of up to four detectors
    • Large bar graph display with maximum hold function for clear display of measured values
    • Easy to expand, multiple interfaces
    • Added plug-and-play option without opening the instrument
    • Additional interfaces to expand the application range of the R&S®ESL (optional R&S®FSL-B5, including video output, IF output, noise source control output, V network remote control interface, R&S®NRP Zxx power sensor interface )
    • Lightweight and compact for easy installation, maintenance and field application
    • Small size, light weight, easy to transport
    • Standalone AC operation with internal rechargeable battery (optional)
    • Power measurement with R&S®NRP Zxx power sensors
  •  model





    Frequency Range

    9 kHz-3 GHz

    9 kHz-3 GHz

    9 kHz-6 GHz

    9 kHz-6 GHz

    Frequency Accuracy

    1 × 10 -6

    1 × 10 -6

    1 × 10 -6

    1 × 10 -6

    with R&S®FSL-B4, OCXO

    1 × 10 -7

    1 × 10 -7

    1 × 10 -7

    1 × 10 -7

    measure time


    receiver mode scan

    100 μs to 100 s

    then add 20 MHz

    Spectrum analyzer mode sweep

    2.5 ms to 16000 s, zero span 1μs to 16000 s

    video bandwidth

    1 Hz to 10 MHz (1/3 sequence)

    Signal Analysis Bandwidth (–3 dB)

    10 Hz to 10 MHz (1/3 sequence)

    Signal Analysis Bandwidth (–6 dB)

    200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, 1 MHz (impulse)



    Maximum level (input attenuation ≥ 10 dB)

    +30 dBm (= 1 W)

    Maximum pulse energy

    10 mWs

    Maximum pulse voltage

    150 V

    Third order cut-off point (TOI)

    Typical +18 dBm

    1 dB compression point power

    + 5 dBm

    Displays the average noise level

     Using 1 Hz FFT resolution bandwidth with preamplifier
    (R&S®FSL-B22 option)

    9 kHz < f < 3 MHz

    Typical –115 dBm

    f = 500 MHz

    Typical –162 dBm

    f = 3 GHz

    Typical –158 dBm


    Positive/negative peak value, auto peak value, RMS value, quasi-peak value, average value, sample value

    Level measurement uncertainty

    <0.5 dB (30 kHz ≤ f ≤ 3 GHz),
    <0.8 dB (3 GHz< f ≤ 6 GHz),

    trace source





    Frequency Range

    1 MHz-3 GHz

    1 MHz-6 GHz

    output level

    -20 dBm-0 dBm

    –20 dBm-0 dBm

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