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Current injection probe F-080915-1008-1



Current injection probe F-080915-1008-1
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    • Commodity name: Current injection probe F-080915-1008-1
    • Commodity ID: 1064768563790368768
    • 品牌11: FCC
    • 描述: The F-080915-1008-1 is designed for conducted immunity testing in the frequency band of 3.0 GHz-4. 0GHz. It has high efficiency, high power and small size. It can be used to test independent cable bundles and cable bundles in vehicles during bench tests.
    • 品牌: FCC

      F-080915-1008-1 is designed for conducted immunity testing in the 3.0GHz – 4.0GHz frequency band, with high efficiency, high power and small size, it can be used to test individual cable bundles and cable harness. According to the standard substitution method test method used in the standard ISO 11451-4/ISO 11452-4, Mil-Std.461/462 D/E edition and FAA DO-160 D/E edition, F-080915-1008-1 only requires The power of 20W can make the current on the calibration fixture reach 300mA, and the calibration fixture needs to have a loop impedance of 100Ω.

      F-080915-1008-1 has obvious advantages:

      100Ω loop impedance, insertion loss <9 dB throughout the wideband 3GHz – 4GHz band

      Input power up to 250W

      Accommodates EUT cables up to 32mm in diameter

  • main feature:

      Frequency range: 3.0GHz – 4.0GHz

      Inner diameter: 32mm

      Outer diameter: 71mm

      Thickness: 19mm

      Rated input power: 250W

    Supporting options:

      F-080915-1008-2: Calibration Fixture, Bandwidth 3.0GHz – 4.0GHz

      F-170601-1005-1: Current Probe, Bandwidth 3.0GHz – 4.0GHz

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