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9355-1 CS115 pulse signal generator



9355-1 CS115 pulse signal generator
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    • Commodity name: 9355-1 CS115 pulse signal generator
    • Commodity ID: 1064840847607615488
    • 描述: 9355-1 pulse signal generator, using current injection pliers, can inject pulse signals into cables or power lines. The rising and falling edges of the pulse signal are less than 2ns, with a period of about 30ns.
    • 品牌: SOLAR

      9355-1 pulse signal generator, using current injection clamp, can inject pulse signal into cable or power line, the rising edge and falling edge of pulse signal are less than 2ns, and the period is about 30ns. When using a 50 ohm calibration device, it can generate 5A current at a rate of 30 pps within one minute, which fully meets the requirements of MIL-STD-461D/E and GJB151A/152A test method CS115.

      The 9355-1 can generate pulse voltages from less than 2V to more than 2000V, and the repetition rate can be adjusted from 0.6 pps to 150 pps, or a manual single trigger can be performed through the panel. Front panel display shows voltage and pulse repetition rate. The device can also be used as a pulsed calibration source, producing a tunable spectral output up to 150 dBμV/MHz with a flatness of ±1 dB over the 1kHz-10MHz frequency range.

      Attachments suggested by CS115 testing:

      9142-1N current injection clamp: frequency range 2MHz ~ 450MHz, 200 watts

      9125-1 calibration device: used to calibrate current probes with an inner diameter of 32 mm to 38 mm and a frequency range of 20 Hz to 500 MHz

      9123-1 current probe: frequency range 10kHz~500MHz, inner diameter 32mm

      9410-1 High Voltage Attenuator: DC~1GHz, 40±2 dB attenuation, can also be used as a high voltage 50 ohm coaxial load

      9841-1 1000V load: 50 ohm coaxial 1 watt average power, frequency range DC ~ 1GHz, typical standing wave ratio <1.5

  • output pulse


    0 ~ 1900V adjustable



    Rising edge/falling edge time


    pulse repetition rate

    <1 pulse/second~120 pulse/second


    ± optional

    output load

    50±j0 ohms

    Spectrum output

    Frequency Range

    1kHz~10 MHz

    Output level (into 50 ohms)

    Up to 150 dBμV/MHz

    output flatness

    ±1 dB

    Common data

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    31.1cm ×21.1cm×33.0cm



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