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Iso control software
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    • Commodity name: Iso control software
    • Commodity ID: 1064842295489744896
    • 品牌11: EMTEST
    • 描述: Iso. control is a very user-friendly control software that is easy to use, with a clear user interface structure and strong flexibility. Its various operating functions and EM TEST standard information library enable users to easily complete custom testin
    • 品牌: EM TEST

      iso.control is a very user-friendly control software that is easy to use, has a clear user interface structure, high flexibility, various operating functions and the EM TEST standard information library make it easy for users to complete custom test procedures. It automatically identifies connected EM TEST test equipment and configures it automatically. ISO.Control complies with international/national standards and most automotive manufacturers' standards and is always updated in response to changes in standards. Its powerful reporting capabilities help users generate test reports that meet international requirements.

      ISO.control supports automotive transient generator and battery supply simulators throughout the 200 series. At the heart of this most versatile software is an exhaustive library of standards, including national and international standards and, more importantly, a very wide range of automotive manufacturers' requirements. Standard test routines can be started with just a few key presses, and all parameter settings are already pre-programmed. The Test window displays the parameters set during the ongoing test and the online progress. Not only can individual tests be executed, but individual test routines can be chained together to form a complete test sequence consisting of standard tests or user-defined tests. This feature allows for fully automated testing that combines different testing needs. The entire test installation can be integrated in one test sequence.

      Iso.control provides a linked file generator based on user-defined test routines, while EasyLink is a feature that links selected standard pulses together. EasyLink is divided into transient test sequences and battery-powered analog sequences. Automated testing has never been easier. Minimal operator effort for maximum test results, simple, fast, reliable and reproducible. In addition, if required to be included in the test report, the LinkFile generator allows entering custom dialogs.

      Iso.control is widely regarded as the best software for simple, effective and reliable transient immunity testing in automobiles. It has been kept up to date with frequent changes in standards. New or changed standards can be easily updated. Whether you want to validate test pulses before testing or monitor the behavior of the device under test during ISO testing. The control supports the integration of external measurement devices via the GPIB bus. Remote control commands are rarely required to set up your instrument. The pulse check function allows pulse verification prior to testing. These results are converted into a separate validation report. The more complex the DUT, the higher the requirements for monitoring the test process and controlling the test based on the feedback received. The test can be stopped at any time when a failure occurs. Or less severe iso.control will set a flag indicating where the DUT is not operating as expected.

      Micropulse and load dump test requirements vary greatly between various standards and test requirements. To ensure maximum flexibility, EM TEST offers a new pulse configuration mode in ISO. Control based on the hardware capabilities of the new UCS200N and LD200N. With a pulse generation circuit that fully complies with the pulse generation requirements of the new ISO 7637-2, pulse parameters such as rise time, pulse duration and source impedance can vary over a wide range.

      iso.control supports Windows 7, Windows 8 (64Bit) and Windows 10 operating systems. Remote control can be done via USB, RS232 or GPIB interface.

  •   Easy to operate, it can realize a variety of test schedules and greatly improve test efficiency

      100 test files can be linked in one link file, which greatly meets customer use

      For the new standard, the software upgrade is very convenient, which can meet the customer's new standard and use it in time

      User-defined test routines to meet individual testing needs

      Linked files can be reused (several events are performed)

      Support USB, RS23 and GPIB multiple control methods

      More than 300 international standards and manufacturer-required standards are included in the software

      Strong and highly flexible reporting capabilities

      A variety of report formats can be generated

      Windows 7, Windows 8 (64Bit) and Windows 10 operating systems

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