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PowerWave_ 250 high-power electronic control power supply



PowerWave_ 250 high-power electronic control power supply
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    • Commodity name: PowerWave_ 250 high-power electronic control power supply
    • Commodity ID: 1064849530370543616
    • 品牌11: EMTEST
    • 行业: 汽车电子和整车
    • 描述: PowerWave_ 250 is a high-power electronic control power supply suitable for applications that require excellent performance.
    • 品牌: EM TEST

      The PowerWave_250 is a high power electronically controlled power supply for applications requiring superior performance.

  •   Ø 250 kVA/kW, can be upgraded to 1 MVA/1MW

      Ø Electric vehicle vehicle test ECE R10

      Ø Electric vehicle high voltage component test

      Ø 1500 VDC/1000 A和360 VAC/236 A

      Ø Four-quadrant operation, 100% source/sink and power recovery

      Ø 1000 Hz bandwidth and 1250 V/ms slew rate

      Ø Remote control and extended test library

  •   Apply:

      Ø Electric vehicle trials according to ECE R10

      PowerWave is the ideal power supply to provide the power you need for your EMC chamber and conduction test area. It combines AC and DC with a small footprint, allowing charging in Mode 3 (AC) and Mode 4 (DC). Equipped with additional charging station simulators (i.e. Comemso EVCA) and various charging standards, such as Chademo, GB/T, CCS and Tesla.

      Adjustable output configurations, 1000Hz bandwidth, and flexible on-board waveform generators allow PowerWave to simulate a variety of grid configurations (single-phase, split-phase, and three-phase) with power anomalies. This includes frequency, variation, phase shift, phase imbalance, voltage variation, and interference (i.e., flat curves, harmonics, interharmonics, etc.). These are all available in a large library with pre-programmed tests – including in the network. Control software.

      Ø Electric vehicle high-voltage component testing

      PowerWave is ideal for testing high-voltage components up to 1500 VDC, i.e. electric drives, batteries and auxiliary components. It can be used not only as a constant voltage source, but also includes challenging tests of 1250/ms slew rate such as voltage variation and dynamic testing (i.e. ISO 21498, LV123, MBN 11123, VW 80300, Nissan 28400NDS91 and similar). PowerWave is a fully bidirectional power supply with 100% source/sink capability. This allows testing of electric drive systems in motor and generator modes, as well as charging and discharging high-voltage batteries. Includes power recuperation to reduce heat dissipation and energy consumption.

      o Other applications covered

      ² - Grid simulator for testing solar inverters or charging stations

      ² - Testing of high-power avionics and military components

      Ø Power recovery - reduce heat dissipation and energy consumption

      The TPowerWave modern topology combines an active front end (AFE) with power factor control (PFC). This allows for a completely bidirectional flow of energy and the restoration of electricity to the grid. PowerWave has high efficiency and low internal losses compared to power supplies with linear technology. This reduces heat dissipation and power consumption, resulting in reduced cooling requirements and savings in energy costs. PFC guarantees that the power factor remains stable at >0.99, thus minimizing apparent power and installation costs.

      Ø Advantages of broadband and high conversion rate


      PowerWave is designed for superior output performance. The 1250 V/ms slew rate ensures clean voltage ramps with little overswing and underswing. This is critical for high voltage component testing when testing with highly dynamic supply voltage variations. Thanks to its 1000 Hz bandwidth and combined DC+AC output, PowerWave can generate a DC supply voltage with superimposed AC ripple. Combined with the ripple generator ripple NX, tests can be performed according to ISO 21498, ISO 7637-4, LV123, MBN 11123, VW 80300 and many other standards – from 10 Hz to 300 kHz.

      Ø Wide voltage coverage, dual range output - 250kW to 1MW

      In electric vehicles, the voltage and power of the high voltage network vary by make, platform and model (typically 100 to 250kW, 150 to 1500VDC). With the general increase in electricity demand in the future. Thanks to its dual-range outputs, the PowerWave can cover a wide voltage and current range and make efficient use of the available power. It provides 250kW of power in a single unit, expandable to 1000kW (upgradeable). This makes the PowerWave ideal for EV component testing where flexibility is important.

      Specific indicators:

    AC output

    250 kVA, 3 x 360 V ( neutral ), 236 A per line

    DC output

    250 kW 

    High range: 1500 volts max, 333 amps max

    Low range: 500 V max, 1000 A max

    See power diagram for details

    Number of phases



    1000 Hz

    Frequency Range

    DC - 5000 Hz

    THD @ 50/60Hz, max

    0.5 %

    Voltage Accuracy

    DC: ± 0.2% of set value ± 0.15% of full scale; AC: increase of ± 0.1%/1000 of set frequency

    Maximum slew rate

    1250 V/ms

    insulation voltage

    L-PE:N-PE: 1000 VAC / 1500 VDC



    PowerWave 250-400

    PowerWave 250-480

    display and control

    2-line LCD, 40 characters

    waveform generator

    Integrated waveform generator (segment and point)

    Operating mode

    Constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance, constant power

    Adjustable resistance

    0 - 1000 mΩ, 1mΩ steps

    current limit

    Independent source and sink limiters, RMS or peak, continuous or stop


    Emergency stop, interlock, external relay control


    Over voltage, over current, over temperature, input voltage

    COM interface

    LAN/Ethernet, GPIB

    output connector

    copper rod

    AC power supply


    supply voltage

    3 x 400 V, +/- 10%, without neutral

    3 x 480 V, +/- 10%, without neutral

    supply current

    475 A/ phase

    396 A/ phase

    power connector

    Screw connection , M12



    net weight


    working environment

    5°C-35°C, 10%-90% non-condensing, 86 kPa (860 mbar) to 106 kPa (1060 mbar)


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