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MFA 02 set miniature probe set (100 MHz-1 GHz)



MFA 02 set miniature probe set (100 MHz-1 GHz)
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    • Commodity name: MFA 02 set miniature probe set (100 MHz-1 GHz)
    • Commodity ID: 1064796038536777728
    • 品牌11: LANGER
    • 描述: The two microprobes of the MFA 02 SET microprobe set can measure magnetic fields with a magnetic field frequency within 1GHz, such as on signal lines, SMD-components, and integrated circuit pins.
    • 品牌: LANGER

    The two microprobes of the        MFA 02 SET microprobe set measure magnetic fields with frequencies up to 1 GHz, eg on signal lines, SMD-components and IC pins. The miniature probe set can be operated by hand. An amplifier is integrated on the probe. Power for the amplifier (9V, 100mA) was provided by a BT 706 type biaser. The impedance of the biaser is 50 ohms. The miniature probe set is connected to a spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope through the BT 706 bias unit. The near-field probe provides a matching correction curve. The correction curve can be used to convert the probe output to the corresponding magnetic field or current in the circuit.

    The MFA 02 set contains the following accessories:

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    200 µm


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