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Power amplifier 10000A225A-A



Power amplifier 10000A225A-A
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    • Commodity name: Power amplifier 10000A225A-A
    • Commodity ID: 1064818047966662656
    • 品牌11: AR
    • 描述: 10000A225A-A is an independent broadband all solid-state amplifier suitable for applications that require instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.
    • 品牌: AR

      The 10000A225A-A is a stand-alone wideband all-solid-state amplifier for applications requiring instantaneous bandwidth and high gain. The amplifier adopts air cooling, high performance and high reliability (with fan, internal liquid cooling). Push-pull LDMOS circuitry is used at all high power stages to reduce distortion and improve stability. The 10000A225A-A is equipped with a digital control panel (DCP) that provides local and remote control of the amplifier. The DCP uses a color LCD touchscreen and a knob to provide status reporting and control functions. The display provides an operational demonstration of forward power, reflected power, control status, and internal amplifier status reporting. Special features include gain control, pulse input capability, forward RF sample port, and convenient power measurement reflection RF sample port. All amplifier control functions and status indications can be remotely using GPIB/IEEE 488, RS-232, RS-232 fiber, Ethernet, and USB. Communication interface connectors are located on the rear panel, and switches on the front panel of the amplifier ensure control of local or remote operation.

  •   Output power: nominal 11000W. Minimum 10000W (0.1-100M); 6000W(100-225M)

      Input power: 1mW max

      1dB compression point power: nominal 8000W. Minimum 7000W (0.1-100M); 4000W(100-225M)

      Frequency response: instantaneous 10kHz-225MHz

      Gain: 70dB

      Flatness: ±3.0 dB maximum, leveling within ± 1.0dB

      Gain adjustment: 20dB minimum

      Input impedance: 50Ω, maximum VSWR 2.0:1

      Output impedance: 50Ω

      RF input connector: N female

      RF output header: EIA 1-5/8 male, rear


      Parameter chart:

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