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Electric field generator ATP10K100MM2



Electric field generator ATP10K100MM2
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    • Commodity name: Electric field generator ATP10K100MM2
    • Commodity ID: 1064818227159912448
    • 品牌11: AR
    • 描述: ATP10K100M is a broadband, high-power RF field generator. This device can generate a large volume of electromagnetic fields over a wide frequency range.
    • 品牌: AR

      The ATP10K100M is a broadband, high power RF field generator. The device is capable of generating bulky electromagnetic fields over a wide frequency range. This balanced transmission line of parallel conductors generates both E (electric field) and H (magnetic field) fields (see Figure 1). ATP10K100M is 2.4m long and 1.0m wide. Matching transformer and load resistors are built in and provide good VSWR in the frequency range of 10 kHz-100 MHz. At the same time its height can be adjusted freely and it is equipped with casters for maximum mobility.

  •   Frequency range: 10kHz—100MHz

      Output power: 3000 Watts CW

      Connector: 7-16 DIN female

      Input impedance: 50Ω

      VSWR: 2.0:1 max, 10 kHz-100 MHz; 6:1 max, 10-20kHz at 1kw input power


          Parameter chart:

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