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50 Ω stripline TEMZ 5231



50 Ω stripline TEMZ 5231
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    • Commodity name: 50 Ω stripline TEMZ 5231
    • Commodity ID: 1064819365489823744
    • 品牌11: SCHWARZBECK
    • 描述: Open, asymmetric 50W stripline, used for immunity test of automobile parts. (Wooden frame structure needs to bear stripline, which is not included in the delivery).

      Open frame, asymmetrical 50W stripline for immunity testing of automotive components. (The wooden frame structure needs to withstand the stripline, not included in the delivery).

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    Nominal frequency range (TEM mode)

    DC - 220 MHz

    Available frequency range (TEM and higher modes)

    DC - 1000 MHz

    Nominal Impedance

    50 Ω

    SWR (typical)

    < 1.5 (f < 220 MHz), < 2 (f > 220 MHz)

    Voltage/Field Strength Relationship

    1 V = 6.67 V/m

    Maximum input power

    (with suitable high power terminations)

    Short time 1000W, continuous 500W

    Stripline Inner Dimensions ( WxLxH )

    740 x 2500 x 150mm

    Outer Dimensions ( WxLxH )

    1500 x 4300 x 200mm

  •   Asymmetrical 50Ω stripline, conforming to the requirements of ISO 11452-5, can be used to generate TEM waves up to 220MHz. In TEM mode, the field strength distribution within the stripline is very uniform.

      Stripline can also be used above 220MHz, in which case higher modes do exist, which provide position dependent field strength characteristics. Unlike the TEM mode, where the field strength at the edge of the stripline is small and increases towards the center, the higher mode exhibits the opposite behavior: the field strength is small at the center of the stripline and increases towards the center of the stripline. The edge of the shaped conductor rises to a maximum value. During multimode operation, the polarization direction changes in certain regions. In TEM mode, the losses due to the radiation loss and dielectric loss of the plastic support rod are small. Less than 1% of the incident power is reflected back into the source due to minimized impedance mismatch.

      The dielectric and radiation losses at the operating frequency of the TEM are as follows: | S21 | = 0.5db, loss 11%, | S21 | = 1.0db, loss 21%, | S21 | = 1.5db, loss 29%. Losses in multimode operation increase with frequency, at 380MHz, only 50% of the power is delivered to the connector. At 800 MHz, only 25% and at 1 MHz, only 12% of the power can be delivered to the connector.

      For the positioning of EuT, dielectrically neutral materials such as foam or polystyrene plastic are recommended. The device under test (EuT) should be placed in the center of the stripline. It is recommended to record the position of the equipment under test as accurately as possible to achieve good reproducibility of the test.

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