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High voltage artificial power network NNHV 8123-400



High voltage artificial power network NNHV 8123-400
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    • Commodity name: High voltage artificial power network NNHV 8123-400
    • Commodity ID: 1064820509855338496
    • 品牌11: SCHWARZBECK
    • 描述: The NNHV 8123-400 series asymmetric single channel artificial power network (AMN) is mainly used to measure electromagnetic interference of shielded cables according to CISPR 25 ed4 or BMW GS 95025-1, with a frequency range of 0.1-150 MHz.

      NNHV 8123-400 series asymmetrical single-channel artificial mains network (AMN), mainly used for measuring electromagnetic interference of shielded cables according to CISPR 25 ed4 or BMW GS 95025-1, frequency range 0.1 – 150 MHz. NNHV 8123-400 can also be used for high current injection (BCI) test, at this time it needs to be terminated with a 50 ohm load, and its impedance characteristic is 5μH || 50Ω.

      The high-voltage LISN can be placed inside the high-voltage shield HVSE8600 during design, and two NNHV 8123-400 are used to measure HV+ and HV- respectively. The DUT needs to be connected to the front panel, the power supply is connected to the rear panel, and the shielding layer is directly connected to the HVSE8600 shell.

      NNHV8123-400 can allow the DUT to work continuously at a continuous current of 250A, and the short-term current can reach 500A.

  • Frequency range

    0.1 – 150 MHz

    continuous current


    Maximum short-time current


    Maximum voltage (DC)


    Maximum voltage (AC 50/60Hz)

    700 Vrms

    Maximum voltage (AC 400Hz)

    300 Vrms


    (5 μH) || 50 Ω (+/- 10%)

    DC resistance power supply - EUT


    Impedance (AC 50/60Hz)


    Impedance (AC 400Hz)


    EUT interface

    winged terminal

    Measurement output interface

    N type (female)


    220 x 225 x 260 mm



      Simplified circuit diagram of NNHV 8123-400:

      Interference voltage test according to CISPR 25

      The power supply is connected to the rear panel, and the 0.1uF capacitor on the back is connected to ground. The object under test is connected to the front panel, and the interference voltage generated by the object under test is output to the EMI test receiver through the N-type connector for measurement.

      Each wire must use a LISN independently (placed in the shielding box HVSE 8600), the power supply wire is connected to the red terminal of one LISN, and the return wire of the power supply is connected to the red terminal of the other LISN. Unused measurement ports must be terminated with 50 Ω loads.

      All LISN RF ground must be connected to the grounding terminal, brass grounding terminal and shielding housing HVSE8600 is connected, when connecting the EUT power supply power line, must first peel off the insulation of the cable to ensure that the shield can be in good contact with the HVSE8600 shielding housing, NNHV8123 series standard delivery includes locking screws and RF output cable.

      Immunity test, high current injection method (BCI test):

      The NNHV 8123-400 can be used with suitable current injection clamps for high current injection testing.

      Adequate airflow must be ensured to avoid overheating of LISN.

      CAN'T OVERRIDE LIISN! Perforated upper and lower covers should not be covered to facilitate air circulation. The 50 ohm external termination resistor must be placed outside the HVSE 8600.

      In the first few hours of operation, a slight smell of coating and insulating substances may appear. Be careful not to inhale the emitted gases. After working at high temperatures for a few hours, the smell will disappear.

      During high current injection tests, due to high field strength and temperature rise (fire hazard), which can be dangerous, such tests should only be carried out by qualified engineers! Appropriate safety precautions must be considered!

      In the BCI test, the power injected from the EUT terminal will cause the external 50Ω load to heat up, and the appropriate load power must be selected according to the actual test needs.

      Note: The injected RF power is output from the EuT-terminal to the N-type port without attenuation, in which case the receiver is damaged if a receiver is connected!


      The circuit according to CISPR 16 has a large leakage current to ground, so leakage current detection cannot be used on the power line (they will disconnect the power supply due to excessive ground current). Either the ground current safety switch is not installed on either the power cord (please mark the necessary warning signs) or a 1:1 power cord isolation transformer is used.

      In any case, LISN should be grounded before connecting to the power line. Accurate security tips must be provided to users of LISN.

      EUT termination impedance (N-type port terminated 50 ohms, power line shorted)

      Impedance characteristic curve

      Divider factor, EuT terminal to N connector (adapter required)

      Temperature rise characteristics under continuous current


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