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Broadband artificial network BAN 8508



Broadband artificial network BAN 8508
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    • Commodity name: Broadband artificial network BAN 8508
    • Commodity ID: 1064823334450647040
    • 品牌11: SCHWARZBECK
    • 描述:  Broadband artificial networks (BANs) are used in the automotive industry to inject RF power directly into signal or power lines, a method known as "direct power injection".

      Broadband artificial networks (BANs) are used in the automotive industry to inject RF power directly into signal or power lines, a method known as "direct power injection".

      The BAN provides good isolation between the AE port and the EUT port, therefore, the injected RF signal is mainly directed towards the EUT port, and from the EUT port, the BAN provides the standard minimum impedance by which the RF signal from the amplifier is loaded. Higher current BANs require larger ferrites, which have lower impedance and poorer decoupling. Therefore, the BAN8508 can only be used in the range of 2A - 8A, for higher or lower currents, the appropriate BAN should be used.

      The basic circuit is an L/C low-pass filter with a wide-band monolithic ceramic capacitor at the AE end, and an inductor made up of five loop coils in series.

      The choice of BAN depends on the maximum current and signal transmission rate, BAN8508 specifies the current between 2A - 8A.

      For the test arrangement and measurement methods, see standard ISO 11452-7 or DaimlerChrysler DC-10614 (2005-03) and other manufacturer standards.

      The BAN must be in series with the device under test (DUT), so use a 4mm socket, and for higher currents, use a hook-type cable lug because of its lower contact resistance and less heat dissipation. The red AE connector in ISO 11452-7 is called "terminal 2" and is connected to the power supply of our auxiliary equipment.

      The black terminal on the AE side is connected to the reference ground. It can be used to measure the electrical characteristics of the BAN or as an additional ground connection. The ground connection of the BAN is already provided by the metal plate of the BAN8508 base.

      The BNC connector can be used to inject the RF signal from the generator/amplifier into the DUT, and in the above standard, the BNC connector is also referred to as "Terminal 3".

      According to the standard, a DC blocking capacitor must be used, which must be connected to the BNC jack and provide isolation between the DC on-board voltage and the RF injection device, thus avoiding the possibility of damaging the connected measurement equipment by the DC on-board voltage, which can be Choose the right DC blocking capacitor, it is "DC Block 500".

      For the range from 8A to 30A, the BAN8530 is recommended, other current or transfer rate BANs are available upon request.

      The solder joint of the EUT power line is defined as the reference plane for measuring the impedance of BAN8508.

      Safety advice:

      BAN 8508 has an open frame design, so it has no protection against accidental contact, depending on the operating voltage, dangerous voltages may occur, therefore, conductive objects must not be placed on or near the ban. Any user must be aware of the possible dangers. The device must be set up in a closed environment to prevent accidental contact with the wires.

      If BAN is operated at high current for a long time, the coil will heat up, only technicians can use BAN, and the safety standards of the country that use BAN must be observed.

  • Model

    BAN 8508

    Frequency range


    Nominal rated range



    6mmTerminal post, 4mm banana head jack

    Maximum linear voltage

    100V DC

    Maximum linear current

    8A DC



    RFMaximum output power


    Decoupling (EuT/BNC to AE terminal)

    0.25 MHz to 1 MHz,>20 dB

    1 MHz to 500 MHz,>35 dB


    0.25 MHz to 0.5 MHz,>200 Ω

    0.50 MHz to 250 MHz,>500 Ω

    250 MHz to 500 MHz,>200 Ω

    尺寸W x H x D

    128 mm x 54 mm x 41 mm


    Approx. 160 g


    - DIN ISO 11452-7: 2002-07


       Attenuation from BNC (Eut) to AE:



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