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EMC testing table
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    • Commodity name: EMC testing table
    • Commodity ID: 1064826342769053696
    • 描述: The desktop is decorated with 50mm solid wood veneer and willow wood, with beautiful wood grain values, clear and delicate texture, and good stability.
    • 品牌: Century Huize

      Using imported solid wood raw materials, environmentally friendly tree species, wood toughness, the use of semi-open paint texture is clear to the touch, insect-proof and corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform and crack, longer life.

      The factory has dozens of experienced and skilled technicians and excellent workers who have been engaged in furniture manufacturing for many years. With modern furniture manufacturing equipment technology, but also the use of embedded mortise and tenon and joints, stable and environmentally friendly.

      Environmental protection water-based paint surface, strong coloring power, no odor, no paint off, retain the original texture of wood grain, paint color is as durable as new, three times primer and two times topcoat, high temperature resistance, wear resistance.

      The desktop is selected with 50mm solid wood adopter ash wood finish, the wood grain is beautiful, clear and delicate, and the stability is good.

      The table legs are made of 80*80mm solid wood with a larger contact surface, and the middle of the table legs adopts I-shaped pull gear to make the table bear more and more stable load.

      The table top and table legs are made by division of labor, which is convenient for logistics and transportation, and the wear-free installation can be disassembled and used for many times.

  •   It adopts embedded tenon and tenon and tenon connections, which is stable and environmentally friendly

      Eco-friendly water-based paint finish

      All solid wood with ash wood finish

      The middle of the table legs adopts an I-shaped pull-file

      The wear-free installation can be disassembled and used multiple times

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