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MSA 02 Active magnetic field probe



MSA 02 Active magnetic field probe
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    • Commodity name: MSA 02 Active magnetic field probe
    • Commodity ID: 1064491368266223616
    • 品牌11: LANGER
    • 品牌: LANGER

      The MSA 02 magnetic field probe is used to measure burst magnetic fields with high resolution and sensitivity. It works with 05R, 05U or 05K probes. The magnetic field probe has a battery powered preamplifier. It can be used in connection with a pulse train generator.

      The MSA 02 magnetic field probe consists of the following probes:

    05 K

    MSA 02

    The measuring coil of the 05 K-type probe is perpendicular to the probe handle, which can selectively measure the circular magnetic field around the cable, so that the cable with Burst current can be detected. Especially suitable for the measurement of wider wires and connectors.

    05 R

    MSA 02

    05 R-type probe is used to measure the Burst magnetic field on the surface of the assembly. Particularly suitable for intensity measurements and spatial orientation of Burst magnetic fields near integrated circuits. The probe is white and the spool opening is marked with a black dot.

    05 U

    MSA 02

    The 05 U-probe works on the same principle as a current clamp and fits nicely on wires and components such as SMD capacitors. This allows you to evaluate the current flowing through these components and check the effectiveness of components such as filter capacitors.
    The 05 U-probe detects rotating fields around conductors as well as laterally entering uniform fields.


  • Specific indicators:

    resolution < 1 mm


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