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Overview of GJB 151B-2013



GJB 151B-2013 " Requirements and Measurements for Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility of Military Equipment and Subsystems" (hereinafter referred to as GJB 151B or this standard) was issued on July 10 , 2013 , and came into effect on October 1 , 2013 . This standard replaces GJB 151A-1997 "Requirements for Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility of Military Equipment and Subsystems" (hereinafter referred to as GJB 151A ) and GJB 152A-1997 "Measurement of Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility of Military Equipment and Subsystems" (hereinafter referred to as GJB 152A )

This article briefly summarizes the content of GJB 151B . For the convenience of description, the chart numbers in this article are those in GJB 151B . For example, " Table 2 " in " Added an optional multiple scanning method, see the note to Table 2 " refers to the table number in GJB 151B ;

The article number in this article refers to the article number of GJB 151B , for example, "4.2.4" in " Addition of requirements for replaceable module equipment, see 4.2.4 " refers to article 4.2.4 of GJB 151B .

1. A brief overview of the standard

GJB 151B includes two parts of " requirements " and " measurement methods " , combining the contents of GJB 151A and GJB 152A into one.

The text framework of GJB 151B is as follows:

1.  Scope

2.  Citing documents

3.  Terms and Definitions, Codes and Abbreviations

4.  General requirements

4.1  Clipping

4.2  Non-testing requirements

4.3  Test requirements

4.4  Evaluation of test results

5. Detailed requirements

5.1  Item classification

5.2  Item Applicability

5.3  Project description

5.4 CE101 25Hz~10kHz power line conducted emission

5.5 CE102 10kHz~10MHz  Power Line Conducted Emission

5.6 CE106 10kHz~40GHz  antenna port conduction emission

5.7 CE 107  Power Line Spike (Time Domain) Conducted Emissions

5.8 Conduction sensitivity of CS101 25Hz~150kHz  power line

5.9 CS102 25Hz~50kHz  ground conduction sensitivity

5.10 CS103 15kHz~10GHz  Antenna Port Intermodulation Conduction Sensitivity

5.11 CS104 25Hz~20GHz  Antenna Port Unwanted Signal Suppression Conduction Sensitivity

5.12 CS105 25Hz~20GHz   Antenna Port Intermodulation Conduction Sensitivity

5.13 CS106  Power Line Spike Signal Conduction Sensitivity

5.14 CS109 50Hz~100kHz  Case Current Conduction Sensitivity

5.15 CS112  Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity

5.16 CS114 4kHz~400MHz  Cable Bundle Injection Conduction Sensitivity

5.17 Conduction sensitivity of CS115  cable harness injection pulse excitation

5.18 CS116 10kHz~100MHz cable and power line damped sinusoidal transient conduction susceptibility

5.19 RE101 25Hz~100KHz  magnetic field radiation emission

5.20 RE102 10kHz~18GHz electric field radiation emission

5.21 RE103 10kHz~40GHz  Antenna Harmonic and Spurious Output Radiated Emissions

5.22 RS101 25Hz~100kHz  magnetic field radiation sensitivity

5.23 RS103 10kHz~40GHz electric field radiation sensitivity

5.24 RS105  transient electromagnetic field radiation susceptibility

Applicability of each item to EUT in Appendix A (informative appendix)

Appendix B (Normative Appendix) EUT Power Port Conducted Emission Alternative Method

Appendix C (Normative Appendix) RS101 Alternative Test Method  AC Helmholtz Coil Method

Appendix D (Normative Appendix) RS103 Alternative Test Method  Step Stirring Mode Reverberation Chamber Method

Compared with GJB 151A/GJB 152A , GJB 151B has more or less revisions in addition to adding the evaluation clause of test results ( 4.4 ), CS102 , CS112 and four appendices, mainly including:

1)  Replaced " limit value " with " limit value "

2)  In the test method clauses of each project, " calibration " is replaced by " calibration " to distinguish it from the real calibration term;

3)  Modified the referenced documents, see Chapter 2 ;

4)  Some definitions and abbreviations have been modified, see Chapter 3

5)  The requirements for replaceable module equipment are added, see 4.2.4

6)  Increased resistance and capacitance tolerance requirements, see 4.3.2

7)  The size of the metal grounding plate used in the shielded outdoor test has been increased, and a note on the square resistance is given, see

8)  It is clearly stipulated that the signal output port of LISN needs to be connected to a 50Ω load, see 4.3.7

9)  Record requirements are put forward for the temporary measures taken during the EUT test process, see

    10 ) Requirements are put forward for the dielectric constant of the insulating support pad, see ,

11 ) There are new requirements on whether the EUT input (main) power line is shielded, see

12 ) Modified the content of the frequency range division and measurement time in the launch test, changing the measurement time from 0.15 s to 0.2 s ( except 25Hz~1kHz ), see Table 2 ;

13 ) An optional multi-scan mode is added, see the note in Table 2 ;

14 )  Modified the content about the maximum scan rate, maximum step size and dwell time in the sensitivity test, see and Table 3 ;

15 ) Antenna calibration is carried out according to GJB/J 5410-2005 "Antenna Coefficient Calibration Method for Electromagnetic Compatibility Measuring Antenna", see

16 ) Added evaluation clauses for test results, see 4.4

17 ) Modified the general test configuration diagrams 1 to 5 ;

18 ) The " requirement matrix " has been modified; CS102 and CS112 items have been added to the table, and the limits of items such as CE101 , CE107 , CS106 , CS115 , CS116 , RE101 , RE102 , RS101 , RS103 , and RS105 have been revised ;

19 ) Modified the limit values ​​of CE101 , CE102 , CS101 , CS106 , CS114 , CS116 , RE101 , RE102 , RS101 , RS103 and RS105 ;

20 ) The test methods of CE102 , CE107 , CS101 , CS106 , CS109 , CS114 , CS116 , RE102 , RE103 and RE105 were revised ;

21 ) Modifications were made to the data requirements provided by most projects.

2. Summary

GJB 151B merges GJB 151A and GJB 152A into one and revises each chapter of the two standards. The modified content involves the scope of application, reference standards, terminology, limit values, equipment, measurement methods, etc., as follows:

Modified the cited standard;

Modifications, additions and deletions of relevant terms;

Modified the provisions of Chapter 4 " General Requirements " ;

Added CS102 , CS112 , Appendices A~D ;

Modified the applicability of CE101 , CE107 , CS106 , CS115 , CS116 , RE101 , RS101 and RS105 ;

Modified the limits of CE101 , CE102 , CS101 , CS106 , CS114 , CS116 , RE101 , RE102 , RS101 , RS103 and RS105 ;

The test methods of CE102 , CE107 , CS101 , CS106 , CS109 , CS114 , CS116 , RE102 , RS103 and RS105 were revised .

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