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GJB 181B-2012: Aircraft power supply characteristics

         GJB  181B-2012"Aircraft Power Supply Characteristics" stipulates the power supply characteristics of the input terminals of the electrical equipment in the aircraft electrical system, and also provides relevant requirements for the electrical equipment powered by this characteristic. This standard is applicable to aircraft power supply systems and external power supplies. Coordination with electrical equipment. GJB  181B-2012is not only the top-level standard for the aircraft power supply system, but also the interface standard for the power supply system and electrical equipment, involving all aspects of the aircraft electrical system.

          GJB  181B-20126including scope, reference documents, terms and definitions, general requirements, detailed requirements and application guidelines. Firstly, the terminology of aircraft electrical system is stipulated, and common terms such as aircraft electrical system, working state and characteristic parameters are given clear definitions, and the concepts are unified; then, from the aircraft power supply system, electrical equipment, and external power Generality requirements are put forward in four aspects such as testing and testing; further detailed provisions are made on the characteristics of various power supply types, and requirements for electrical equipment are put forward in terms of the impact on power supply.

The power supply types specified in GJB  181B-2012

a) 115V , 400Hz three-phase AC;

b) 115V , 360Hz~800Hz three-phase AC;

c) 220V , 50Hz single-phase AC;

d) 28V DC;

e) 270V DC.

It basically covers the main power supply types involved in the current aircraft electrical system design, among which the 220V , 50Hz single-phase AC power supply system is only used for commercial shelf products.

Compared with GJB  181A-, the main revisions of GJB  181B-

a) Some new terms and definitions are added, such as current modulation, power factor, pulse load, nonlinear load, frequency change rate, etc.;

b) The frequency range of the AC variable frequency power supply system is revised from 320 Hz to 640 Hz to 360 Hz to 800 Hz , the voltage transient characteristics are changed, and the frequency change rate and other requirements are added;

c) The requirements for AC single-phase 220 V , 50 Hz power supply characteristics have been added ;

d) Added and perfected the relevant load characteristic requirements affecting the power supply system. 

The test is based on the standard:

²   GJB 181B-2012 : Aircraft power supply characteristic test

²   GJB 181A-2003 : Aircraft power supply characteristic test

²   MIL-STD-704F : aircraft power supply characteristic test 

Test items:

DC 28V

²   LDC101 load measurement

²   LDC102 steady-state voltage limit

²   LDC103 Voltage Distortion Spectrum

²   LDC104 total ripple

²   LDC105 normal voltage transient

²   LDC201 power interruption

²   LDC301 abnormal steady-state voltage limit

²   LDC302 abnormal voltage transient

²   LDC401 emergency steady-state voltage limit

²   LDC501 startup voltage transient

²   LDC601 power failure

²   LDC602 inversion

DC 270V

²   HDC101 load measurement

²   HDC102 steady-state voltage limit

²   HDC103 Voltage Distortion Spectrum

²   HDC104 total ripple

²   HDC105 normal voltage transient

²   HDC201 power interruption

²   HDC301 abnormal steady-state voltage limit

²   HDC302 abnormal voltage transient

²   HDC401 emergency steady-state voltage limit

²   HDC501 startup voltage transient

²   HDC601 power failure

²   HDC602 inversion

Single-phase AC, 400Hz , 115V

²   SAC101 load measurement

²   SAC102 steady-state voltage and frequency limits

²   SAC104 voltage modulation

²   SAC105 frequency modulation

²   SAC106 Voltage Distortion Spectrum

²   SAC107 Total Voltage Distortion

²   SAC108 DC voltage component

²   SAC109 normal voltage transient

²   SAC110 normal frequency transient

²   SAC201 power interruption

²   SAC301 abnormal steady-state voltage and frequency limits

²   SAC302 abnormal voltage transient

²   SAC303 abnormal frequency transient

²   SAC401 emergency steady-state voltage and frequency limits

²   SAC601 power failure (single phase)

²   SAC603 reverse phase (single phase)

Three-phase AC, 400Hz , 115V

²   TAC101 load measurement

²   TAC102 steady-state voltage limit includes unbalance and frequency

²   TAC103 voltage phase difference

²   TAC104 voltage modulation

²   TAC105 frequency modulation

²   TAC106 Voltage Distortion Spectrum

²   TAC107 Total Voltage Distortion

²   TAC108 DC voltage component

²   TAC109 normal voltage transient

²   TAC110 normal frequency transient

²   TAC201 power interruption

²   TAC301 abnormal steady-state voltage and frequency limits

²   TAC302 abnormal voltage transient

²   TAC303 abnormal frequency transient

²   TAC401 emergency steady-state voltage and frequency limits

²   TAC601 power failure (single phase)

²   TAC602 one and two phase power failure

²   TAC603 reverse phase (single phase)

Test system solution:

configuration list

serial number






Single-phase multifunctional AD/DC power supply, including 7.5kVA arbitrary waveform generator, meeting  IEC 61000-4-13, -4-14, -4-17, -4-28, -4-29  and  MIL-STD-704  and aviation standards. Controlled by MatLab  , it integrates  NetWave  with the existing automation environment, performs  PLL  synchronization with other voltage sources, and has a trigger function; it can increase / decrease the power line voltage according to a fixed step ; increase in a continuous time window Voltage and / or frequency; NetWave  can be controlled by an external signal. Equipment includes isolation transformer as standard, with  MRAC 25  cabinet




Built-in 2- channel measurement board for voltage and current measurement



AMP 200N1

800W  audio amplifier module and DDS generator suitable for ripple test (need to connect  CN 200N1 ) , and Helmholtz coil for magnetic field test. Test accessories such as field probes, test fixtures, coupling networks and DC sources need to be ordered additionally. Additional measuring components can be ordered additionally.




AMP 200N  measurement unit for frequency selective current measurement, voltage and magnetic field measurement



CN 200N1

Coupling network with two transformers and 0.5Ohm/250W load



test accessories

The standard requires custom test accessories, including inductance, capacitance, etc.



NWLicense 1

Aviation Standard Library Certificate (DO 160)



NWLicense 2

Military Standard Library Certificate ( software certificate for MIL-STD-704- compliant testing )



NWLicense 4

Certificate in Harmonic Measurement and Other Analysis Functions ( NetWave 7.x only )



System Connection Diagram

Product main features:

NETWAVE -  Simulates various power phenomena

The NetWave  Single-Phase Series as a single-phase AC power quality immunity simulator is specially designed in accordance with IEC/EN 61000-4-13 , -4-14  and -4-28  standards. As a DC power quality immunity simulator, it can also meet the IEC/EN 61000-4-17  standard for DC ripple voltage test and the IEC/EN 61000-4-29  standard for DC power supply voltage dips and short interruptions test requirements.

NetWave  's low distortion rate and high stability guarantee full compliance with IEC/EN 61000-3-2 , -3-3 , -3-11  and -3-12 and JIS C 61000- 3-2  Standard requirements for harmonic and flicker tests.

The NetWave  family is also suitable for inverters ( eg solar inverters, wind inverters and electric vehicle testing.

In addition, the NetWave  single-phase series can also meet the requirements of aviation standards DO-160 , Airbus ABD0100  and Boeing  and military standards MIL-STD-704  .


ØWide   range frequency range DC - 5 kHz

ØOutput   power up to 7,500 VA AC / 9,000 W DC

ØOutput   voltage up to 360 V AC / ±500 V DC

ØThe   maximum impact current that can withstand is 200 A

ØExtensible   trigger and control capabilities (NetWave 7.3)

ØBuilt   -in aviation standard waveform generator, easy to simulate complex waveforms


NETWAVE - Powerful and versatile AC/DC power simulator

NetWave  is a programmable AC and DC power supply with a wide frequency range and the ability to generate various waveforms to meet the needs of various test applications in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and aerospace. NetWave is not only based on real-time processor technology, but also equipped with built-in high-performance PC , digital signal processor ( DSP ) and hard disk to generate and record waveforms in real time.

Measurements of harmonics and flicker require a pure sinusoidal voltage as required by the standard. NetWave output voltage distortion is guaranteed to be less than 0.1% , regardless of load conditions . Editing waveforms with NetWave  can be realized not only by editing waveform segments, but also by editing test points (usually will generate megabytes of data), and can easily record waveform files up to 1Gbyte . The measurement channels support peak voltages up to +/- 500V , peak currents up to +/-150 A , and a resolution of 16  bits. NetWave  supports a variety of common interface types, such as GPIB , Ethernet interface and USB  interface (for connecting memory sticks).
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