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This lab is so cool!

Built and put into use at the beginning of 2018, the electromagnetic compatibility laboratory of the testing branch of the Coal Research Institute is a comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility performance laboratory built according to international first-class and domestic leading standards, with perfect functions and complete test items.

The laboratory can conduct tests in accordance with various international and domestic EMC standards, directives and enterprise technical requirements, and can meet such series of standards as GB9254, GB4343, GB4824, GB17625 series, GB/T 17626, etc. It can conduct harassment tests such as radiation harassment, conducted harassment, radiation power, spurious radiation, harmonic current emission and voltage fluctuation and flicker; electrostatic Discharge, radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation, electrical fast transient pulse group, radio frequency field induction, surge (shock), frequency magnetic field, pulse magnetic field, oscillation wave, voltage transient drop, short interruption and voltage change immunity test. It completely meets the EMC testing requirements of electrical, electronic, monitoring and communication equipment for coal mines.

The laboratory has the first 10-meter semi-electric wave darkroom for high voltage and high power electrical equipment in China, which can provide the highest working voltage of 10kV and the maximum load power of 3MW for the electrical equipment under test, and the working frequency of the darkroom is 30MHz to 18GHz, equipped with a 7m diameter, 20-ton load table and 4.6m×4.6m darkroom door. The darkroom is the only one in China that can conduct electromagnetic compatibility test for high voltage and high power equipment above 660V; equipped with three meters of full electric wave darkroom, the radiation immunity strength can reach 30V/m, which can conduct radiation test for monitoring equipment, control equipment, communication equipment and all kinds of sensors, the darkroom working frequency can reach 40GHz, equipped with the most advanced EMI receiver ESW44 and wireless communication analyzer CMW500 from R&S. Standard communication equipment can be connected to accurately test its wireless power and spurious performance; 5 shielded rooms for various purposes, equipped with a variety of conducted harassment test equipment, conducted immunity test equipment, to maximize the ability to meet the customer's special test requirements. The laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility testing instruments are the most advanced R&S company equipment, the overall capacity has reached the international advanced level.


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